Wednesday, March 25

The XBLN League Part 3

Hello everyone, this is your new commissioner Jerhawk, just letting you all now that our new Madden 09 League is now underway. Here are our latest competitors:

Jerhawk - Texans (League Commissioner)
Deus Legend - Cardinals (League Vice President/Site Founder)
bigboy7867 - Cowboys (PooP "President of our Players")
JohnnyX77 - Titans (LIAR "League Investigator and Reporter")
stopable - Broncos (S.O.L. "Secretary of League")
blazenhawks - Giants (Baby "Balistic Annoying Babbling Yeller")
SC Spaniard - Redskins
dominantcoop1 - Patriots
xLASTxWAR - Rams
RaStA THA KiNg - 49ers
real d 23 - Colts
Martin pjp 42 - Eagles
snowbird720 - Buccanneers
Nick 097 - Panthers

I will try to update our standings every couple of days, so please check back on the site to make sure that your record is correct. This is where the official standings will be posted, you can't go by what it says on the Madden League screen since that can become messed up. If the connection to you and your opponents game should be lost, please quit and DONT COUNT the game. Simply hit that person up, find out what happened, and spot whoever was winning back the points.
Here is our official rules for our Sim-Play League for everyone to read. Please remember, we're doing this for fun and for the love of the game of football. Please play the game how it should be played and how you see it being played on Sundays. Yes, this is a video game, but try to stick to these rules/guidelines to avoid any problems:

Cheese play will not be tolerated. Such acts like going for it on 4th and long, calling the same play over and over, nano blitzing, rocket catching, or any other types of glitches/cheats will is not allowed.

We will play four games against each other, please don't play the fifth game, that's there for an emergency tie-breaker type of situation.

Please try to be respectful to your opponents. If you have any complaints about the way a particular user treated you or played against your, please let either myself (Jerhawk) or Deus Legend know. But most importantly, HAVE FUN! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or post a comment. Thanks!


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