Sunday, March 8

Jerhawk Fired as XBLNCS President of Our Players


You may have been cursed out by him, you may have been abused by him, he WAS our President of Our Players for XBLNCS but no longer. Today Jerhawk is faced with very serious charges of benching Dewayne Bowe that offended fellow league player Oddball2121. Also, Jerhawk face charges of repeatedly lying and treason.

Jerhawk has a set court date of June 1st 2009 with the XBLN court for these allegations with Judge Deus Legend and bailiff BlazenHawks and a jury of fellow XBLNCS players.

After Jerhawk was STRIPPED of being the PoOp of XBLNCS, Oddball2121 will be our new President of Our Players!


  1. I will release a statement sometime this week. No autographs, please. I'm no hero, I am only a villian.


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