Tuesday, March 10

Around the Hawk: Jerhawk's Press Conference

The much anticipated press conference with former XBLN Leauge PooP Jerhawk is now underway. We will now take you live to Qwest Field in Seattle...

"Hello and welcome. I would first like to apologize to everyone who was involved in this delima. My remarks were uncalled for, unnecessary and had no backing or meaning behind what was said. Oddball2121 along with myself have put this all behind us and our looking forward to the bright future of not only the Xbox Live Network, but also our lives. Since Oddball2121 has been made the new PooP (President of our Players), I would like to be given a new job title if the league members accept it. From now on I would like to be recognized only as the League Investigator and Reporter, or the L.I.A.R. As the LIAR, I will report any further innopropriate misconduct and report it to those of higher command. Thank you all for attending, and good day to you all."

Here is our new XBLN League's new chain of command proposed by Jerhawk:

Deus Legend - League Commissioner/League President/League Founder/League CEO. He also founded the Legend Trophy, which goes out to the winners of our future leagues since he's won our first two league championships. He is the Vince Lombardi of our generation.
BlazenHawks - League Vice President/Recruiter
Stopable - S.O.L. (Secretary of League)
Oddball2121 - PooP (President of our Players), BABY (Ballistic Annoying Babbling Yapper
Jerhawk - L.I.A.R. (League Investigator and Reporter)


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