Monday, March 16

FNR4 Removes Button Punching

In a Fight Night Round 4 Preview on Gamespot, it is mentioned that the button punching has been removed.

Button mashing has been banished. Round 4 is going to force you to use the right stick to punch. After years of enduring randomly button-mashing boxers, I’m relieved to hear that they’ll have to work a little harder to land some blows. Perhaps to compensate, you can now chain together multiple attacks with the right stick. For example, a one-two combo can be inputted before the animation of the first punch is complete. It sounds cool, but I’m a little skeptical until I’ve played it. EA promises that you’ll be able to cancel commands with a button tap, lest you waste stamina. I need to try it and see how the dynamics balance out.


  1. Yeah, that's why I didn't bother to player FN Round 3 Online, people just button-mashed the hell out of you.
    And I was just sitting there trying to use the right stick, watching my boxer hit the mat not even one minute into the match.


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