Monday, March 23

BlazenHawk is Burning: On Madden 09

First I want to welcome you all to my first ever posting I am glad to have it and today I will be burning Madden 09. This game is fun for a bunch of people to play foot ball but.....

The reason why I am doing the burn on Madden is because they say it is the most realistic game out there, I don't see how when you are trying to throw the ball the linebackers who are on steroids they jumping ten feet in the air to intercept the ball. Oh and they bat the ball down when there are not even looking CB do it to.

When it comes to the online there are so many cheaters that think they are good but really they just cheat. Some cheating includes rocket catch, block field goal etc...

More stuff that would never happen is like Daren Sproles carry a LB 5 yards on his back before he gets talked. Or a CB sprinting 5 yards head of the WR and jumps to intercept it and the WR does not jump at all or hit him so he does not get it.
And the biggest one that I came across was when I had a Sack but my RE just goes right throw the QB and the QB does nothing here is proof.

Don't even get me one the officiating one of the worse I have ever seen the pass Interference should be called more and when the WR goes out of bounds than come back in bounds and is the first one to touch it they don't call a penalty. One name Ed Hochuli, get off the field you are bad.

To end all this if I had to give my review of this game I would give it 7 out of 10 well I want to thank you for tuning in I will see you next week


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