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Metal Gear Survive Review

Metal Gear is a storied franchise the revolved around the story of Solid Snake. Metal Gear Survive changes up the formula quite a bit and presents us with a sort of open world tower defense type experience. Will this game stick to the Metal Gear formula or will it be something entirely different?


The game will start you off with customizing your character and choosing how you would like them to appear in the game. You will then watch a series of Metal Gear type cutscenes and then move to a tutorial of sorts where you will learn the basic mechanics of the game. There are missions you can complete as you salvage items and build up your base to defend against the Wanderers. You can bring some friends into your game as well to help you out and complete the missions a bit easier. The controls for the game are confusing at first and take some getting used to and also understanding how the inventory system works as well.

Playing the game, you start by building your base up with various defenses. Single player, 4 player co-op and multiplayer options are available to you in the game. Each mission you will get up to an S-Rank grade in them. And also there will be side missions that will popup during the game as well. Different mission difficulites will unlock as well the more you progress. Playing multiplayer missions will grant you some gear you can use in your single player missions and potentially make them easier.


The graphics in the Metal Gear Survive look a lot like MGSV and are sharp and clear. The game is also "Xbox One X Enhanced" but it does not sport 4K visuals but for the most part, the frames will run around 60FPS and will dip below that in some instances. The menus of the game can be a bit clunky and confusing for players and will take a learning curve to get used to.


Metal Gear Survive has some replay value due to its grind. As you continue to play the game, more characters will join your crew and they bring different abilities to the table to help you complete your tasks. The game can be a bit of a grind to gather resources and build your base up. There are daily missions that will allow you to earn loot and gear to help you fight off the Wanderers. So the game will technically last as long as you want it to last from a multiplayer aspect. The single player will take about 25-30 hours to complete.


There are a total of 51 achievements currently in the game. You will need to grind you way through the game to unlock all of the achievements in this one.


Metal Gear Survive is a gindy, resource gathering game that has the potential to keep you busy. However, be careful with this one as there are microtransactions present. If you want another save slot in the game, you will need to pay for this right... that's right pay. The game is built upon the use of microtransactions. Although it is possible to enjoy and play the game without doing so but you will progress faster if you do. I can see this game being fun if you have some friends to play with and help each other complete the missions. The game at its core isn't bad, its just some of the practices the game presents us. One main annoying thing players may find is the hunger and thirst system will constantly remind you to eat or drink and sort of take away from the game at times as these things happen far too often for my tatse. Also the "grind" and the microtransactions in this game may turn some people off, although you dont have to buy anything to have fun in the game. However if you are expecting a theatrical and stealth type experience you've come to love in the Metal Gear Solid games, you will not find that here.

*Game was provided for this review

Game: Metal Gear Survive
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Action
Price: $39.99
Size: 15.96 GB
Release date: February 20th 2018
For More Info:
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