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Pinstripe Review

Pinstripe, an independent game practically made by a one man studio Thomas Brush. He has been in charge of programming it with the Unity tool, writing the plot, designing all the mechanics of the game, drawing that particular creepy style and composing the music of his work, financed by Kickstarter and now reaches Xbox One, after being released on PC last year. First of all, it's a story, a descent into hell that is played as a platform with slight touches of action and puzzles of having the answer in front of your noses and not hitting the key


Talking about the "life" of the game, you have a very short duration, which at least is palliated thanks to the possibility of starting a new game with the golden key that opens new paths (all the special objects are achieved in this second round), so to squeeze well the game, you will need two complete games at least


Pinstripe is one of those games that leave a trace in a small reflection, they stay in the head a bit that you understand what happens in the background of the actions that he tell to you. In that sense, the author perfectly achieves his goal. But now, you will return to that, you will detail the virtues and shortcomings of this interesting independent proposal.

Teddy is a minister, a holy man of those who can marry and have children. During a train trip with his daughter Bo (so-called, seriously) an unpleasant event occurs, the girl is kidnapped by Mr. Pinstripe, a demonic character who wants to adopt to live with him in the bowels of his particular hell. For the man of men, the train in which they travel derails and Ted must seek life to retain so much to know the whereabouts of his daughter as to know more about the character that has retained her. Soon after starting, he had the help of George, the family dog, who helped in the crusade.

Although the game has a lot of platforms, you find many characters to interact with, and places you can't access. Inevitably, it's necessary to overtake and return to those places with objects that allow you to progress. Let's say that a Metroidvania doesn't arrive, because it's very sketchy, but it does invite you to go back to collect all the possible collectibles, especially once the adventure is over thanks to the "game over". Let the titles that can be carried out for another year appear on the screen, but at least the possibility of continuing to play once you see the outcome has many incentives, such as special objects or the intricate achievements of a lifetime. Pinstripe is played as a platform, with an action game thanks to the runs that are found, it's enjoyed as an adventure and it is lived as a drama. A short story, without frills, that lets the player have the task of fitting the pieces of what has happened before you. For that alone, many will be won.

Graphics & Design

The aesthetic of Pinstripe mixes the best of films like Coraline or  Corpse Bride, but in a very subtle way, without falling into the abuse of twisted branches and deformed creatures that Tim Burton likes so much. In this sense, the use of color plays a lot in their favor, since from the cold snow of the beginning to the reddish backgrounds of the final section, they manage to perfectly transmit that descent to the infernos that the protagonist suffers. The whitish characters are also very Burton, especially for those tips so long and thin that they show off. As for the sound section, both the English voices and the soundtrack are a real delight. It's hard to create that everything has come from the same person.


Pinstripe fattens the list of interesting independent titles with it's own style. It's virtues lie in it's history (simple but striking), it's amalgam of game mechanics (jumps, action and puzzles) and a technical section (graphic and sound) that really draw my attention. Talking about the story of Ted and his daughter Bo is impossible without pulling spoilers, so you will only say that the player's imagination will be key to assembling all the pieces of the puzzle. He has taken his time, but Thomas Brush can be very proud of the final result.

*Game was provided for this review


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