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Little Triangle Review

Little triangle begins with an invasion of giant robots that are dedicated to abduct the colorful characters of this game and one of them,  must stop their feet along three worlds divided into 11 phases. The only skill and weapon that he has is the ability to jump. I invite you to jump with me to the picturesque and fun proposal that the guys from Shanghai offer. A real challenge for lovers of platform games awaits.


To say that a level can be passed in just 4 minutes is as true as in others you will be more than 40 minutes. Once again, and very particularly in the title that concerns me, this section refers to the skill and patience of the player. The addition of being able to have the battle mode, where you face friends for survival that considerably lengthens the duration of the game.

Also, you can enjoy the challenge mode, in which you can measure forces against all the final bosses of the game or dedicate yourself to discover all the secret areas of the scenarios. Also you can find all the gems of each of the levels, or finally rescue all the small triangles hidden in the levels. Once you find and recover them, they will be part of the selection of characters offered by the game.


Here is where all the weight of the game falls, obviously it's a platform game, and the precision or coordination must be precise. It's worthy to praise what Dreamoji and Cotton Games have achieved in this section, resulting in one of the most ingenious, twisted and difficult platform games that I have had the chance to play. The only skill that you will have, will be a jump and a double jump, which you will have to combine and fine-tune almost perfectly. If you allow me, i would like to refer to this game as demanding, not as difficult.

The game consists of two difficulties, normal and hardcore. The Normal mode gives you three lives, like hearts, that will fill up as you miss a jump or the lack of coordination takes you to some unwanted place, but you can recover them again at the "glorious" checkpoints. On the other hand, the Hardcore mode, for the bravest players, proposes you to start again keeping the checkpoints during the course of the games, a single failure and you are dead, here is the difficulty of it.

Regardless of the difficulty level chosen, Little Triangle offers three worlds, each of them composed of 11 levels, which vary depending on the number of intermediate bosses that each of the worlds have.

Graphics & Design

That design of "nachos" for the characters and a fresh, carefree style that seeks to make some laughs at the long-suffering player who faces these curious platform challenges. It have a varied color palette for each of it's worlds and together with it's simple and clean stroke style, make this game have it's own personality.

The sound in this game is pretty standard as far as platformers go. The sounds of the jumps, the attacks, the location of hidden zones and that of the triangular gems that are the currency of the game, nothing to emphasize nor for good , not bad. Different luck, runs the soundtrack of the game, which offers two or three musical cuts, differentiated for each of the three worlds but, when you have been playing a level for a while, they become too repetitive.


Referring to Little Triangle as a classic platform game isn't entirely accurate. It's classic and simple mechanics are easy to get a hang of. The game is also difficult enough to provide a challenge to anyone. Little Triangle is an excellent platform game and a new surprise indie hit early in this new year. This game will bring out the best and the worst in you and will challenge your patience.

*Game was provided for this review


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