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Guilt Battle Arena Review

Play with friends and either feel guilty or not guilty about it in Guilt Battle Arena. The latest couch coop and versus game you can play with friends as a member of the GUILT patrol.

Gameplay and Duration

Guilt Battle Arena is a arena based game where you can select to play in either coop with 1-2 players in the story mode that includes 6 levels to play through as you fight to take down the Dreadful Judge as a member of the GUILT Patrol.

The controls are very basic as there are only  jump and shoot controls. And speaking of shooting, you only get one bullet in your gun. After you fire a shot, you must pick up the same bullet to shoot again. As you play the game, you will earn unlock boxes that will net you additional characters to select from. These are pretty much just skins as the characters themselves have no extra abilities.

Also there are versus game modes that include many modes including: Capture the Flag, Chicken Rain, Rocket Man, Predator, Cat Mania, Hot Potato and Last Man Standing. Each versus mode changes up the gameplay and you can setup various modifiers to make each match different and unique from each other. Some modes are self explanatory, but others I will explain. In Chicken Rain, you not only have to battle and defeat your foes, you have to avoid chickens that fall form the sky and can damage you. For Rocket Man, one player will be chased by a rocket. You can either shoot to pass the rocket to someone else, or you can lead the rocket to someone else to damage them. In Predator, the person that is the "Predator" can deal out damage to others. Cat Mania will have cats that will land on the stage that can stun your opponents or you can shoot them to deal some damage. And finally in Hot Potato, there will be a bomb that will go off. Shoot other players to pass it around.


The graphics for Guilt Battle Arena are simple and colorful. Each character skin is unique from the next. The game also offers very fluid and frantic gameplay.


There are a total of 27 achievements currently in the game. You can get quite a bit of the games achievements unlocked within an hour or so of gameplay, however some others are sort of "grindy" but not impossible. So this won't be an easy completion but it is certainly doable if you have some time on your hands.


Guilt Battle Arena is a fun couch coop game that you play with up to 4 players. If you have people to play with to make the versus mode fun then it is worth it. The coop mode will be the only mode you could play solo and there aren't enough levels to make the game last long. The game could have definitely have used an online mode. But for what the game is, it is a fun game.

*Game was provided for this review

Game: Guilt Battle Arena
Developer: Invincible Cat
Publisher: ForwardXP
Genre: Action/Arena
Price: $14.99
Size: 284.76 MB
Release date: February 15th 2018
For More Info:
Download from Microsoft Store


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