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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review

Everyone grew up as a kid wanting to be a Gun Gale Online player right? Well in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, you can live out this dream. Lets see how this comes together in our review.


To start the game, you will create and customize your character as in most other role playing games. You can choose from a few options and also select the voice you would like to use. This game is a very story driven game with many talking and cut scenes that tell the story. The game is very inviting to newcomers to the Sword Art Online franchise by having the game revolve around your own character versus the other established characters in the series. You will be given dialogue choices in the game that will help shape the story to some extent but, you are usually presented with options that say the same thing two different ways. In the end, it doesn't really matter what you say in the cut scenes.

There are many weapons and skills you can equip your character with in the game. The more you play, you will unlock skill points to apply that will allow you to use more advanced items. Playing the game, I found it quite difficult to target and shoot some enemies as they are very fast moving and there is no aim assist in the game to help you target them. This isn't really a negative but worth pointing out that there will be some difficulty for most players to kill enemies while being hit out of nowhere by enemies across the map.


The graphics in the game are typical of the genre and look sort of like Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star games in the past with anime elements. Gameplay itself is fluid and fast paced. The frames holdup well in this game and I would estimate they they may be 60FPS but there aren't any test as of writing to confirm this. The game is not a Xbox One X Enhanced Title however.


The single player campaign itself will last you about 40 hours to complete(cut scenes included). Speaking of cut scenes there are many in this game and I feel they break up the action a bit too much as it will take you a while to actually start doing missions and facing enemies. There is 4 player co-op available in the game where you can play with friends and complete missions... missions as in taking on bosses from the single player. Also there is a 8 player PvP mode available as well, which will be sort of the same thing as you take out a boss, but the team that deals the most damage to the boss will win. You will also fight to keep the other team from dealing damage as well.


There are a total of 47 achievements currently in the game. You will need to grind you way through the game to unlock all of the achievements in this one. Most if not all of the achievements in the game you will need to obtain by leveling up and progressing in the story.


Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a decent anime based roleplaying/action game. It will present a bit of a grind to get through the campaign but fans of the series would enjoy what the game has to offer. The best positives are that the story will last a bit and you can enjoy aspects of the game online with friends. The reason the story will last a bit is due to all of the countless cut scenes and subtitles you encounter vs there actually being much gameplay.

*Game was provided for this review

Game: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
Developer: Dimps
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Genre: Role playing/Action
Price: $59.99
Size: 10.57 GB
Release date: February 23th 2018
For More Info:
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