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Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

In the current craze of open world games, the latest series to try its hand at it, is Dynasty Warriors. This is a well known series that has been developed over the last 21+ years buy Omega Force and Koei Tecmo. Will a formula change benefit this series? We will discuss in our review!


As in most other games in this series, this is a button mashing game at its heart. There is not much that will change this throughout the game. There are some other basic attacks you can perform like, stuns and throws, but for the Xbox version, the X button is your best friend to mow down the waves and waves of enemies you will encounter. The game features a open world barely filled with missions and objectives to complete. The game also features dynamic weather and day/night cycles. However, with that, the open world in this game can be jarring and confusing for players. The layout of the world is not very well put together as there are a lot of open spaces to explore with nothing really exciting to do in between missions. There will be that "much of the same" feel throughout the game.


The graphics in the Dynasty Warriors series have been anything to write home about and DW9 maintains this. The game hardly looks any different from the PS2 days, abit the resolution and frames are on par for the most part to other games in this genre. This game is "Xbox One X Enhanced" but I have a hard time seeing any advantage the power of the X gives this game. This game barely runs at 1080p so forget about 4K. The framerates are an equal mess running at sub 30FPS at most times. Even back in the PS2 days, the game could run 60FPS. If you are looking for a game to show off your Xbox One X, this is not the one.


Dynasty Warriors 9 offers many different campaigns based in feudal China to playthrough. Each having a different story as you play through the many stories. As you progress through the game you will unlock additional characters and play their story. The main story itself is separated in five different story arcs. Each story overlaps with others as well and you can experience alot of the story through one character, with the others sort of adding some backstory if you care to know about the backstory.


There are a total of 44 achievements currently in the game. Looking at the list, if you are a achievement completionist, this game will take you a while to get all 44. Based on TrueAchievements, as of writing there is only 1 person to get all 44 achievements with a 0.09% completion percentage. So achievement lovers beware!


For longtime fans of the Dynasty Warriors series, this game will honestly be a disappointment for them. A positive of the game is that there is full voice acting throughout the game but, the story is not all that interesting or engaging to continue to slug through the hours upon hours of button mashing you will be doing. If you are looking for the usual coop mode Dynasty Warriors offers, well there is not any coop at all in this game and you will have to play through this un-optimized mess by yourself. All in all, being someone who has never really played a Dynasty Warriors game, this game does nothing to make me interested in the series or having any remote interest in playing any of the other games. Play this stuttering mess at your own risk and please wait for a nice sale.

*Game was provided for this review

Game: Dynasty Warriors 9
Developer: Omega Force
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Genre: Action/Hack+Slash
Price: $59.99
Size: 43.91 GB
Release date: February 13th 2018
For More Info:
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  1. Hmm. I've been playing DW games for almost 20 years and it's my favorite "I don't feel like thinking" series to play. At least it sounds like there's still some good in it. Reading a review first will at least make it easier to enjoy. Knowing ahead of time of its faults instead of being blindsided by the changes. Lol

  2. There will be plenty of ""I don't feel like thinking" in this game :)


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