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WRC 7 Review

The world of speed lives a second youth, which makes me very happy. With Project Cars 2, GT Sport and Forza MotorSport 7 just around the corner, WRC7 has several days to try to win the favor of the public, before the arrival of such heavyweights of the genre (each in it's own style).

The new proposal of Kylotonn, the developers, presents as the main attraction the fact, that it's the only official title existing based on the World Rallies, a very attractive hook for the followers of this great discipline that gives us the motor world. It's enough to become one of the greats of the genre? Unfortunately not, although it's true that this new delivery is a step forward for the series, which did not end up leaving us a good taste in the previous edition.


You have 13 official rallies in which it's possible to participate, from which takes place in Mexico, Portugal, Catalonia, Finland and many others. In addition they all have a wide range of routes (more than half a hundred) and different events that take place at different times of the day and, also, under fixed but varied climatic conditions like rain, snow, dry, etc. A variety that becomes one of the main virtues of this work edited by BigBen and reaches it's culmination with the Epic Stages, longer than normal and posing a challenge for any type of player, especially if you play at a level of demanding difficulty and in simulation plan.


On the playable level, the title has everything, from fairly achieved aspects to others that have improved in relation to what was experienced in the past delivery, and also, there are still not what i expect from such a title. A somewhat irregular result but, i have to insist, is a qualitative leap for the series, although not too large.

One of the elements that have been slightly improved has to do with the sensations transmitted by the title at the wheel of cars. This time the experience of piloting is more rewarding in every way and, unlike what happened once, the contrast is quite noticeable when flying on different surfaces such as asphalt, dirt or snow. It's true that it is still not perfect and compared to what the current referent of the genre, the great DiRT Rally, is quite behind, but the progress is evident.

This improvement has also been backed by a much more polished and realistic physics system ... although despite the efforts made by the developers, it's not perfect. It's true that when the car stays on track it transmits a certain feeling of weight, but this goes to the fret when you leave the track or you bump, even slightly, with some of the elements that are part of the stages like stones or vegetation.

It has happened to me, to cut through a curve that housed some stone by means to, in an incredible way, to verify just after how my vehicle suffered an accident in which it took several turns on it's longitudinal axis. A behavior of everything less reliable than, in this type of titles, it happens to him enough bill since it subtracts much realism to him.

On the other hand, one of the most striking factors of all that the game has is precisely the number of vehicles that can be piloted. Whether from the WRC group, WRC Junior or WRC2, it's possible to drive dozens of real cars belonging to official teams (55 in total) from Ford, Hyundai, Toyota and many others.

As usually happens in this type of games, you can grade the difficulty of the title and it's orientation (more arcade or more simulator) from the options. And depending on your choice, it changes the way, you face each of the tests, since as cars suffer damage in their structure, if you play in total simulation, it will cost a lot to reach the finish line in each event without destroying part of the car. A very flexible title in this section that guarantees, that it can be enjoyed by a large number of players.

What isn't so convincing are the modes of play, more than anything because they are not especially original, the opposite rather, nor because they stand out precisely because of their diversity or amount. The Cerrera mode is what you can expect from this type of modalities, although i warn you that in this case it lacks the depth and interest experienced in other more recent speed games like F1 2017, for example. This option is accompanied by a good split-screen mode for two players, another online for eight players, the eSports challenges of the turn ... and little else that catches the eye. A sufficient supply but that is only in that.

Graphics & Design

Something similar happens with their graphic presence. During each race the title offers enough solidity in the creation and rendering of the scenarios and, without being the most beautiful or detailed you have ever seen, maintain an acceptable level. The modeling of the vehicles is not bad either and the fluidity to which the tests are developed is remarkable, but you are also with aspects less achieved.

The perspective that allows to play from the inside of the car, for example, is anything but achieved and in fact is far from what offer the vast majority of similar games: it lacks realism and detail. It also doesn't emphasize the sound emitted by the vehicles and, without being bad, they seem a bit "loose".


The new delivery of the classic WRC saga offers us an ample amount of vehicles that we can drive, the official races that are part of the World Rallies and all the official paraphernalia of this competition. The problem is that, despite the evolution that has experienced it's technical and playable section, it's still far from what other similar games offer. It is a title more than decent, but still has enough room for improvement.


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