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Circuit Breakers Review

Circuit Breakers is a game with well thought-out ideas, but struggles in the long-term as it only has arcade and challenge modes. The game features pixel-art graphics that actually look nice and well-defined over the typical high-tech industrial background. Different characters all play fairly differently, although the difference is just the guns the characters have. The difficulty also seems to be insanely high as nobody has been able to get more than 195 gamerscore despite the game being out for over half of a month.


Circuit Breakers is a game that if anything you'll pick up and play when a friend is over. The game is a top-down 2D shooter that can be controlled either as a twin-stick or using the ABXY buttons to shoot in the corresponding direction. The problem with this is the second stick is slow and feels like it is locked into a few positions, while ABXY is locked into four positions of course. It doesn't hinder gameplay much, but it is noticeable. Most if not all of the mechanics feel designed for multiplayer, to the point where single players will feel left out and have much more difficulty getting anywhere in the game. Everything is much harder single player, and considering the enemies come in massive hordes and are able to quickly overpower you I was never able to get very far at all by myself.

The game features two modes, arcade and challenge. Arcade is the main mode, giving you three lives and seeing how far you can go. Challenge mode has you facing a set amount of floors, seeing how fast you can complete them and how high your score can be. As you progress, you'll begin unlocking challenges off of both the general and character-specific challenge boards. These range from grindy to near impossible, and few of them seem to come with worthwhile unlocks. Most of the time you'll be given a logbook entry, which is about as much of a story as you'll get in this game.

One thing to note is the upgrade system. Since this game has an arcade style, upgrades are obtained by collecting little glowing blue scrap pieces off of dead enemies. Your upgrade level quickly decreases if you aren't collecting, a little too much you could say. Often you can upgrade and downgrade multiple times within a second, and it can get quite frustrating.


For whatever reason the only story you'll find in this game is in the logbook entries, which was a missed opportunity for me. This game was one that could've used the story.

Graphics and Sound

Circuit Breakers has surprisingly good graphics but ultimately mediocre sound. The pixel-art graphics look and feel defined and the typical industrial space background isn't a chore to look at like it is in most cases. Everything flows together well but while the sound is fitting it isn't great. The typical rock beat in the background doesn't really help anything and the sound effects are completely forgettable.


Circuit Breakers currently has 15 achievements for 1000 gamerscore. Considering just how hard this game is, it makes sense that nobody is even close to completing it. After the game being out for over two weeks, the highest gamerscore achieved by anyone is 195. Completing all the challenges for any character is both a grind and incredibly hard, and doing that for every character will be nearly impossible. If you think you can do it all I can say is good luck.

In the end, Circuit Breakers is a game that you'll really need to play with a friend to enjoy. You'll struggle on your own, and the lack of a story mode gives you no reason to keep playing that way. Aside from that, the game does of fine job of making itself look and play well, although it still has its problems. Circuit Breakers definitely won't be for everyone, especially not completionists. In the end, the only real reason to recommend Circuit Breakers over the competition is due to the multiplayer.

  • Game: Circuit Breakers
  • Developer: Excalibur Games
  • Publisher: Triverske
  • Price: $9.99
  • Size: 173 MB
  • Release date: August 16th 2017
  • For more info:
  • Download from Microsoft Store


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