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DreamBreak Review

It's easy to find games that are designed with a pixelated style, as was the case of Party Hard - the game engine looks the same -, and it's even more difficult to take advantage of this type of games that offer it's disadvantages when it comes to gameplay. DreamBreak breaks all schemes to bring variety and originality in a world of futuristic touch in a fictitious Soviet Union. You know how these Russians are, they are capable of surprises, even in videogames.


DreamBreak is a reasonably priced little gem and a must-buy proposal. It's really hard to rate a game like this, when the duration of the whole action is so short. With a longer gameplay of 3 or 4 hours of gameplay.


You take the role of Eugene, a majete man who is seen in the middle of some unlucky murders. When he wants to realize it, he is doubly persecuted: for the government, and for the "resistance". You are treated like spies, and that is how you end up. At the outset, the main mission will be to investigate what happens through the small maps that you will be browsing. The mode of investigation is based on scrolling maps and make objetives; as if it were a classic graphic adventure, you have to go moving your character by the map solving the different puzzles with which you find to continue advancing in the story.

Both, the gameplay and the puzzles themselves have a classic touch that easily jumps out of sight. The puzzles you find are fairly simple but effective. Thus, you find the classics of joining pipes or cables to get water or electricity from one point to another; obstacles and pitfalls to avoid, very platform; switches that activate one or the other thing; and even a factor of secrecy in more advanced phases that, while very easy, are very entertaining. Therefore, despite the simplicity of the design, it's a complete and entertaining game. It offers a lot of variety.

Just as it has puzzles, it has scenes more dedicated to pure and hard action. It's about phases, again, with a very classic touch. In most of the game you're going to be defending ourselves in a simple mini-game of shooting and protecting ourselves, until you finish the enemy. Although it's very easy and, in the long run, somewhat repetitive, they end up giving a little more freshness adding new types of enemies that will complicate things more. Then there are two particular moments where you control vehicles. At the first opportunity will be a ship that will be attacked by the police; drawing patterns, you can get rid of them.

 Talk about DreamBreak  is complicated. With seeing the images you can get an idea of ​​how little it offers to analyze. The environments and characters that play with the pixelated touch is becoming very fashionable, especially since the old games of Pc. However, the vast majority seem to have stalled in bloody action or in stories without much interest. This is where Dreambreak excels, and where it has surprised me. I talk about a game of short duration, but it offers an entertaining story, well worked and with a surreal touch. Playing it becomes so much fun with so many game styles. It's a compendium of many styles, a call to take the classic and combine it with new ideas.

In itself, DreamBreak, is not difficult game. It must be admitted that some solutions to puzzles may end up resisting something more than normal, but more than it's difficulty, it's due to the limitations of the game that don't allow as much mobility as i would like. Some of the puzzles I solved by pure luck, to move something without giving me or count. That hurts the gameplay a bit, but it makes you alert to all the details of the map. Even the mapping itself is the essence of the game.

Graphics & Design

Next to the sinister futuristic music that reminds me to Deus Ex, there are maps. Even with the limitations I have already mentioned, the design is careful, with a lot of attention to detail. The linearity of the game doesn't get too heavy with a map that, at first glance, offers you multiple possibilities, doors to cross, and some collectibles that can become difficult to reach. The background is not empty, but there is a varied set that sometimes makes you doubt whether you can interact with it or not. Although, of course, freedom of movement is very limited, doesn't give that feeling of "claustrophobia" that come to have some titles. You feel free.


DreamBreak is, therefore, a game that deserves more. It surprises, and has that russian touch that always leads us to expect anything. Mystery, puzzles, adventures, old school touches ... it has everything to succeed and become a more than desirable option for our next purchases on the big box of Microsoft.


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