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Caveman Warriors Review

We relied on the shawl of nostalgia, thanks to the arrival to our consoles of Caveman Warriors, a proposal that it's creators, the Spanish studio JanduSoft, say is inspired by classic games like Castle Crashers or New Super Mario Bros. but to me reminds , above all, of the great and imperishable Joe & Mac. Lets see the review and tell me what do you think


It's difficulty is devilish, especially in the final stretch. None of the eight levels that compose it is excessively long, but the repeated deaths will push you back to the last checkpoint, and if you lose all the lives, you will start from the beginning the level you have stayed in, so it will not be a path of roses complete them all. I estimate that the game can hardly be completed in less than six or seven hours. However the speedrunners will end up massacring the mark.

Once finished the game, this unlocks a new and higher level of difficulty and little more. The extra levels are the same as above and don't bring too much incentive, beyond the possibility of collecting more batteries. Putting together the sufficient number you will be able to accede to new levels extra and already you can go ahead that finding them all is going to be a titanic task. So those who want to squeeze it one hundred percent have play for a while, as long as they are not bothered to have to go through the same phases over and over again.


You will jump, shoot or attack, depending on the character you have selected. Thus can be summarized the playable mechanics of Caveman Warriors. However, the design of levels will turn this simple formula, since each of them, and each screen that compose it, ends up becoming a challenge in itself. The enemies seem easy to defeat at first, however, they will change routine of attack in more than one occasion, or just to see you approach them, and to defeat them, is not enough to crush the attack button or that of the special abilities, you have to arm yourself with patience and know how to wait at the right moment to dodge them or to give them their ration of stick syrup.

To all this, must be added that each of the four playable characters has their own abilities and their corresponding weapons, but it will be necessary to use each of them wisely to be able to finish each level. For this reason, when playing in solitude or with two or three companions, you can go alternating the control of a character to another, in the purest style of Lost Vikings.

Graphics & Design

Being clear and direct, i can assure you that the visual and technical section of Caveman Warriors would have jumped right and left jaws and even the most tanned of players twenty-five years ago. The people would have swirled around the machine that loaded the plate of the game even if they were not playing, only to delight in seeing jump from here to their colorful sprites and to dull their senses with their synthesized melodies.

But of course, in the middle of 2017, and without the intention of taking away merit, there is no doubt that he has not come to sit chair in terms of graphics. No, at least, as far as the video game industry is concerned, although it has to be recognized that in the face of the most modest developers and producers of the indie scene, i applaud it's work as the final result is a great example to follow. And not only from the prism but purely technical, but also in its artistic design. JanduSoft has not limited himself to honoring the classics mentioned above and has managed to endow his work with a personality of its own with which he puts land through mere plagiarism.


Caveman Warriors, can be considered as prequel to the exalted Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja. It mixes the platform and the action with success and its difficulty is so devilish like the one that prevailed in the machines of the recreational salons of yesteryear. It's $ 14.99 make it a must-have for nostalgics and fans of jumping games.

It is one of the coolest and funniest independent games i have tested so far this year and the only thing that does not stop helping you with neon lights are the eight levels available, which leave the user wanting more . Also have to say that so much tribute ends up getting a little bit.


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