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Killing Floor 2 Review

If you don't know Killing Floor 2, surely with these references you get a quick idea. Mix Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty zombie mode with double ration of blood and you will have something very similar to the creation of Tripwire. Although, you can play offline, it's an eminently multiplayer title, on medium-sized maps in which you will face your enemies by waves, until you reach the last. It's great, but by now it's not as unique as it used to be. I go to tell you that it has special...


Don't underestimate the addictive ability of Killing Floor 2, if you like multiplayer cooperative horde type, you will enjoy a lot. The different difficulties, classes, levels and even prizes that you will receive after the games, will make that you pass the hours quickly, they are 15 very complete maps that contribute plenty to spare. In addition, you will have a weekly event, more complicated than normal, that will allow you to get special equipment. This week, for example, we have a "Big heads" mode in which all the characters will have the typical look that NBA JAM became fashionable in it's day. Despite not having history mode, if you can enjoy it completely in offline mode.

To introduce a variable in this version of Xbox One, we will have exclusive content that hasn't appeared on other platforms, such as the ice thrower, to freeze your enemies, the Wasteland Armor uniform, that you can apply to any of the characters, all without tell that this version has all the additional content released for other platforms including startup, such as maps or new weapons.


Killing Floor 2 is a multiplayer shooter mixed with the pressure of a survival horror, but not only is cooperative, also competitive. With two main modes: Survival and Versus, the game radically changes your perspective. In Survival, you will play in 6-player games while you withstand the various waves of AI, during 4, 10 or 20 waves, plus a final round with the final stage boss. With enemies increasingly complex and numerous, each break between rounds will allow you to go to the "market" to reload ammunition, armor and buy new weapons with what you generate in each round.

The market has an interesting management, since the character has a weight limit and will not be able to take all the weapons he wants, so you can sell for a small price those you don't use. From the first moment all the weapons that you have of the game will be available - there will be some that you have to unlock playing games with the different classes. So that the companions can be helped, we will be able to throw bundles of bills to the ground in case it were necessary to them. All in a minute, so the supposed break, doesn't allow you to really rest too much.

In relation to the Versus PvP mode, the thing gets interesting, since there will be two turns: in one you will be survivors, and in another you will be Zeds. Without the possibility of choosing the Zed in which we reincarnate, you will have to eliminate as soon as possible the human rivals, since the team that survives the longest, is the one that will win by points. In this mode, you can see games of up to 6 vs. 6 that surprisingly make the fun increase, especially if you are playing with your friends and you can coordinate minimally.

For any of these modes, you can take a skin or character that you can customize very slightly, but that will not influence what you really interested: the different classes available. As in many games, specializing in some class and gaining a lot of experience will allow you to tackle the games more safely and those of normal difficulty will come to seem a challenge too easy over time. These classes are as seemingly disparate as Berserker, Command, Pyromaniac or SWAT. In total there are 10 classes that will allow you to obtain very characteristic abilities that will be of help, like obtaining more life by default, to obtain life with each blow that we give or to receive much less damage of some enemy in particular, a variety that you can be enhanced combining the classes in a very curious way.

The objective of each game is always clear: Kill the monsters and enjoy. Without stopping, without looking. Until the last one falls, you will not be able to breathe easy, maybe during the constant "Zed Times", a kind of slow-moving Matrix style that will give the most spectacular moments of the game, affecting all the players of the game at the same time. However the style of play if it favors more chaos and trust each member to do their job as best as possible to entrench and close doors, although sometimes soldering them if that serves to accumulate them in one place and then blow them all together more easily. The field doctor is an element almost indispensable in every battle, his experience goes up healing the companions and the same cures, they do damage to the Zeds, thus they facilitate the election to those who find it a boring class.

Graphics & Design

In Killing Floor, the scenarios show the chaos of the situation and as you move forward, the blood and remains will remain stained everything, which together with the increasing number of enemies that populate the stage, manage to slow down the action. Without having the Falcon eye of Digital Foundry, at first glance it seems that the game usually oscillates between 50 - 30 fps, but neither are going to make a drama of this, because in the end neither can be said to be unplayable in no time. Fortunately, one of the evils of this generation, doesn't suffer, and both the stability of the games and the matchmaking tested, has been exemplary, something remarkable for a title focused on online.

The mix achieved by Tripwire, will undoubtedly attract the fans of the last DOOM, and not only for the fast action, but for the great soundtrack that accompanies him, that hits so much that sometimes melts in your head with the intense shootings of each new wave. As a detail, in the options you can select, if you want to hear the vocal part of those songs, which comes by default deactivated, something i recommend you to try hard ... unless you do not like the heavy infernal ... then better the music and bridge another thing, because with songs titled as "Infected" or "Murdered", you know what the issue will be.


Killing Floor 2 arrives late if we consider that it isn't the first that offers cooperative by waves this generation, nevertheless it has enough personality to make a hole in your catalog, with its excellent BSO, its unrestrained action, variety of options and to be able to do it all accompanied by your friends, the mix is ​​brutal. There are moments that will remind me, of those mythical games in Left 4 Dead, but its exceptional gore and speed will also lead us to relive the most recent DOOM - saving the big differences.


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