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Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 1 "Enigma" Review

Telltale Games has already made clear to me over the years, that they have no intention of abandoning the formula of success they found with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, so I am sure that it will still have to be a long time before they decide to change it or to evolve it in any meaningful way, a decision that is taking it's toll on studio productions little by little, feeling increasingly stagnant and less brilliant.


For being the first chapter, the title takes it's time to introduce the new plot and the new characters little by little with the intention of giving a slight idea of ​​where the shots will go in the future, for so, there are times that get to extend more than the account and can become a bit slow. Luckily, there are a couple of plot turns that get the story forward enough to surprise and leave satisfied, as well as all the dialogues have the quality seal of Telltale.


As in all games of the studio, all it's appeal and it's main pillar lies in the plot and narrative, since to play what is said to play you will not do too much. In this way, you are again with a kind of interactive film in which you will choose all the answers and decisions of Bruce Wayne/Batman, something that will alter both the development of the story and the relationships with each of the characters with the ones you will encounter.

Of course, whatever you do, all roads lead to Rome, so everything always ends at the same point, regardless of the route taken. If something has to happen in the script will happen and you will not be able to do anything so that this is not so, which in the end again leaves with the feeling that you don't have as much power of decision as they want you to believe.

Of course, return the action sequences resolved on the basis of a few very easy Quick Time Events (QTE) and that are no more than a simple annoyance and process, since they don't come to contribute anything and they return to feel obsolete in their execution, although at least they are still very well choreographed and planned.

There are also a couple of moments in which you can explore a small stage to search for clues and link them to each other to reproduce a scene, although everything is so guided and clear that it is impossible to get stuck or feel a minimum of satisfaction in solving them.

Removing this and focusing on what really matters about this production, the story continues the events of the first season a few months after you resolved the case of the Children of Arkham, just as a new threat appears in the city and forces the crusader masked to get back to work.

Without going into too much detail, both the beginning of the episode as it's final sequence and an intermediate one have liked you enough by the tension and the dilemmas that pose to Batman, who will have to put to test, his own values ​​and his moral code before situations limit.

As it could not be otherwise, the chapter ends with a great cliffhanger that will make you open your eyes wide and leaves you wanting to know more, although for this you will still have to wait a few weeks.

Graphics & Design

At a visual level, the evolution has been minimal, so Telltale has resorted to it's obsolete graphics engine as always to give life to the DC universe. This means that the good art direction that has been realized is tarnished by extremely rigid and unnatural animations, some models of characters that could give more of themselves and some poor textures, although as i say, the artistic style save the set and make it a pleasant game in sight (yes, the performance problems of the previous season are still present here).

What doesn't fail is the sound with a good environmental soundtrack that perfectly captures the type of setting that requires a Dark Knight story, taking up many of the main themes of the first season. The effects are varied and adequately fulfill their function and the dubbing.


Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 1: "Enigma" is a good introductory chapter, although it continues to sin from the same flaws as it's predecessor in not being able to evolve, neither playable nor graphic. At least, the story is interesting, it has some memorable moments and the narrative is back to match, leaving us wanting to know more and play the next chapters to discover how the new Batman adventure continues, which is always positive.


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