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The Coma: Recut Review

Who hasn't dreamed that the school or institute appeared some morning, collapsed or burned? Hating attending class is almost intrinsic in the DNA of a high percentage of students. But of course, if a catastrophe happens in the building, one always expects to be as far as possible. And all this leads us to meet Youngho, the protagonist of the game at hand, The Coma: Recut. Youngho is a young Korean of age to kneel elbows that, as seems habitual in him, arrives late to the institute. When he arrives, he finds an ambulance at the door. Something tragic has happened in class, something that seems to augur events.

But the day passes normally. We meet again with mates and with Miss Song, a teacher with a tippin for whom she seems to have been hired to educate the hormones of the male students rather than to her neurons. And, like the one who doesn't want the thing, we will occupy our desk until Youngho's eyelids end up winning the battle until plunging into a deep sleep. But he will awaken very soon, and he will do so immersed in what seems to be a dark dimension, a sinister duplicate of the institute in which blood and strange noises rule the halls.


In my case, I have exceeded it in just over three hours, taking it easy and exploring everything I could.

Too bad that when finishing it, there aren't too many incentives to replay it, beyond choosing lines of conversations. The collectibles, in the form of notes distributed by the classrooms and the corridors, are not too tempting and don't have any associated achievement, so it's likely that the completionist find no incentive for a second round, but yes, you may have left some secondary missions to do with associated achievement, so if you left something, you might get excited.


The Coma: Recut is a linear game in terms of learning. From minute one, you will be done to the controls and you will be ready to enjoy it until the end, although it's true that midway through the game begins to fall into repetition. It all comes down to exploring and hiding when Miss Song appears, the only enemy to be seen in the dark corridors of the institute. It's an invincible character against which you can't fight. If you can distract it by activating alarms or opening faucets, but nothing more. When it appears, the best option is to hide and wait for it, to go away.

Sometimes his "visits" happen in very short time intervals, which leads to despair at certain times. If you take away the last heart of life, you are dead and will start playing from the last point of storage, which, by the way, are quite numerous and are well spread out on the stage. You only have to approach one of the blackboards of the different classrooms and in them, will be saved your progress.

To recover health, you can buy snacks from vending machines. You can also buy energy drinks or water bottles, which help the energy bar of our protagonist doesn't exhaust so quickly or directly don't do, so while you have the effect of the brew. And this is fundamental, because in order to escape Miss Song you will have to run like soul that the devil takes, with the consequent reduction of energy. When the bar reaches zero, Youngho will stop the march to recover forces and that will be the moment in which Song will throw you over to mercilessly stab you.

The truth is that this mechanic, keeps the player in vile, not only because you are pursued by a ghost or entity that you can't defend, but because you know that you have to find a cache as soon as possible and you don't always have it at hand, plus the nerves can lead to disorientation. All thanks to the somber setting, the effects of sound and music, which is able to put the nerves to the most painted. Now, what you have missed a lot have been the puzzles, which shine by their absence, in addition to the inclusion of a squad of enemies and greater options to deal with Miss Song.

Graphics & Design

Beauty doesn't have to be at odds with technology, and in the case of The Coma: Recut it seems that the maxim is met. It's certainly not a game that can be described as beautiful, but it knows how to create a suitable atmosphere with it's modest resources and the design of characters and environment is remarkable. The 2D collide, and much, in the first contact with the title, but you get used to it and even, in my opinion, consider that it comes as a glove.

As for it's performance, i can only denigrate the recreation of shading. As you advance with the flashlight on, and depending on the room in which you are, the darkness is generated by the size of the protagonist's head. Otherwise i not found any other defect, as with the sound section, which strikes a very good level. Dramatically accompanies on-screen events and contributes to an excellent immersion.


Pure survival horror in modest format, is what The Coma: Recut offers. It comes to demonstrate that it's not necessary a hyperrealistic visual section to put the player in tension, although it lacks playable depth and more variety of enemies and content. That doesn't mean that it's a good game, but it weakens it in comparison with other proposals of a genre in which the assiduous user, and whose works more representative, have been characterized precisely by that.

If this isn't an impediment and you like horror games, The Coma: Recut is a juicy candy to taste on a rainy afternoon of these that begins to bring us the fall.


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