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Let Them Come Review

You land on an abandoned space station and your duty will be to purge it of the infinite waves. This debut work by Tautara is a reminder that even the simplest games, of holding waves, can be complex in the choice of strategies, while you are accompanied by a devilishly murderous soundtrack. It raises a great complexity of choice in spite of the simple simplicity of the game, this will make our soldier always go hard every new wave.


Let Them Come is a game that satisfies with small details. The whole story will end in an instant, only the phases of the bosses will actually take you some time to pass this game. The endless challenge mode will make fans of this game countless hours ahead, but the base game will take you 5 hours to complete.


Bearing in mind that it's development was brief, it's strength is the gameplay. The whole story takes place in a series of extremely narrow corridors. Your machine gun should not stop spitting bullets except to throw grenades or make a melee attack, which you will only do when the aliens jump over you.

You have a very wide variety in the choice of ammunition, which will be better or worse according to the enemy you face. There are also advantages for the machine gun and  the armor, different types of grenades, whether classic or more modern fragmentation or shocks or incendiary. The melee weapons are not left behind, and you can choose a simple knife or a ruthless chainsaw, but the climax will be given by a glove that generates dark matter that will kill just by touching it.

You will have to be attentive to the floor as well as the wall and ceiling because you don't know where they will come from and it's best not to have to stop shooting to launch a melee attack. The machine gun could overheat if you pulled the trigger too hard and didn't let it cool between a wave and a surge, which would most likely cause you to fail. All the "toys" that you are acquiring have limited use, and acquiring foreign currency means killing a huge number of enemies, which means that you don't waste a single special bullet.

The complexity increases as you advance in the game, armed enemies require special ammunition or an explosive launched at the right time. The zombie soldiers will torment you, with small arms fire as they come forward for you. Swarms apart from being difficult to kill by their size also have the ability to absorb the bullets and shoot you from time to time. There are a variety of enemies despite their limited development, you will always want to see what new dangers will come the next wave.

Despite their limitation, Tautara have been able to make the most of this style of play that will cause you to pass the game in one go, because, you will not be able to stop shooting until you kill them all. So much was thought that this would happen that they even added a combo, which will fill up little by little, which will allow to have certain advantages over a limited period of time. You will have passive rewards as shields but there will also be some that will make us see how much fun it is to be alone in space, such as a dron that launches missiles or "FRENZY", this is a period of time in which you can shoot without fear to overheating.

If you die too fast in a wave, you can choose to change the set of enemies to face or one of the advantages of combos that will help you to start. All of these waves will pass quickly, but the real challenge will be in boss rounds or challenge mode, where you'll have a limited amount of coins at the start of the game and you'll have to endure as much as possible without being able to improve your team.

It feels like an endless number of waves in which only the degree of difficulty changes, but this illusion is broken when you reach the encounters against the bosses. The game deserves recognition for the extremely complex that is always one of these encounters. Each boss requires a specific type of ammunition and give them at a specific time, this will cause you to lose all othe savings by testing the different options. The biggest challenge will be to be able to shoot the specific site in a short period of time to prevent them from making their special attacks. These attacks will mean the loss of half of the health each time that you receive them, which will be a big problem if in addition, you have to be attentive of the other aliens that accompany to one of the bosses.

You will see bosses undeterred by penetrating ammunition because they are only affected by the explosive. This will cause that if you delay much, you lose all the money and you have to go recovering it little by little, because you will have to retry the phase until you have collected the desired money.

Graphics & Design

The soundtrack occupies a very important place in the course of the game, an intoxicating mixture of synthesized rock rhythms will accompany you to each of your massacres, the party never stops. The game recognizes how essential music is by making the majority of your soundtrack unlockable rewards as you move through the game. You start with a mix of only four songs and you will collect more, you will have control over the songs that you want to kill, and you will be wishing to know what new song awaits at the end of the hall.

The bosses have a graphic design more complex than the rest of the invading forces, but without losing the essence of this race. This is a 2D iteration, with very sharp angles, and a dark gray scale with some, but very few, splashes of color. Blood and brains sprouted from the enemies splashed all over the stage, creating a wonderful environment for killing. The mucus of the explosive pods, which will be able to adhere to other aliens, will be the final touch for this insane mixture.


Let Them Come gathers the bases of several genres to offer us a truly frantic, fun experience that will test our reflexes with the waves of aliens that are trying to stop our advance. Despite it's short duration, Tatuara Games has been careful to increase the experience with flashy game modes and a series of achievements that will force the trophy hunters to spend a good number of hours distributing tow.


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