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Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Review

From the hand of the great study, Artifex Mundi, arrives to the Xbox One, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden, an adventure of puzzles and hidden objects that originally was launched in the year 2012 and that debuts in the console of Microsoft with a small facelift.

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden represents another foray of Artifex Mundi in the world of consoles, and from now, I can tell you that although there are certain flaws that should be mentioned in this analysis, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden meets without any problem the task of being a videogame that will make us burn a few neurons and keep the suspense during the whole adventure.


The main draw of abyss: The Wraiths of Eden is that it offers a gameplay and story that are correct, but leave you wanting to see more about your world and face new challenges.

The game offers 4 to 5 hours of play, depending on the skill of the player like every game of Artifex Mundi, but you can play on the easiest difficult and finish the game in about 2 hours.


Many videogames in which it's main mechanic is to look for hidden objects, on a large number of occasions base their plot on crime stories in which a detective has to look for clues that has left a murderer in the scenes of the crime. Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden moves away from the typical plots of this type of videogames and offers a story a little more supernatural in the depths of the ocean.

The title story begins when the famous explorer Robert Marceau, husband of the protagonist, disappears under strange conditions in one of his maritime expeditions. Upon learning of this news, you will embark on a journey to go in search of Robert, but in the way, you will encounter some mysterious creatures, thus giving a tone of mystery and extra danger to the adventure.

The video game at all times has an enigmatic and intriguing tone, which benefits that it is very unlikely that the player can get bored, on the contrary the mystery that envelops Eden, an underwater city in which develops the history of this videogame , will make your desire to know what happens in this place, will increase with each step you take.

The mysteries that surround this city, where a powerful evil resides, do not take your eyes off the screen, although what leaves a nuisance is the way the characters are treated and the large number of loose ends which leaves the story. On the side of the characters is little what you come to know of them, being the only character you know a little more of his life, Gregory Lagain, a member of the resistance, and this because he has a little adventure that is unlocked once you complete the main story.

The story of Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden leaves many doubts that would have been great if they had been answered, since its history hooks from the beginning and would have been fantastic to know a little more about Eden and the characters that inhabit it.

In many titles that have as main mechanics the search for hidden objects in the scenarios, there is a high probability that after a certain playing time the player's interest in the title may decline. Artifex Mundi gives a twist to the mechanics of finding hidden objects and complements it with the possibility of playing dominoes, making this type of phases more entertaining.

The video game also presents a number of creative puzzles that will complicate things a bit, some of them to stop your progress for a couple of minutes because of the challenge they pose.

If at some point you get stuck in one of the phases of the title, just by pressing the arrow above the pad will activate the track that will get you out of the predicament you are in. Depending on the chosen choice, casual or expert, this help will take more or less time to recharge.

Also, you have at your disposal a map of Eden, being very useful for situations where it is necessary to perform several tasks in different areas and you want to locate where to go first.

Graphics & Design

As usual in videogames of this type, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden share with you beautiful hand-drawn graphics that will transport you to a utopia located deep in the ocean.

Due to the passage of the years, there are some improvements that Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden has suffered in it's version for Xbox One, highlighting some scenes a little more clear with respect to its original version. The kinematics unfortunately have not had that little face-lift, which makes them look a little blurry and fuzzy with the fabulous appearance of the phases of gameplay.

One aspect that stands out next to its graphic section is the sonorous, counting the videogame with a series of melodies meticulously designed for each occasion, which makes them convey to you. that aura of mystery that comes out the videogame. The soundtrack will immerse you in moments of tension and emotion, giving at all times the sensation that a danger is lurking.


The Story of mystery and supernatural phenomenon in the ocean depths, draws attention from the beginning, and if you add a gameplay that presents enough variety to not be bored at any time, results in a product that will satisfy both fans of the genre and to players wishing to try it for the first time.


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