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Decay: The Mare Review

Decay: The Mare, presents an experience that plays with the most classic survival horror, adhere it with a playable mechanics reminiscent of the classic classic point & click adventures. Are you ready to enter into a world of nightmare and madness? Well, don't hesitate, get the controls and swallow the damn pill once.


This is the weakest point of the game. It has three episodes that, unless you get stuck in a puzzle, you will ventilate in little more than three or four hours. If you have left some coins and want to get all the achievements, the duration would extend a little but not much beyond an additional hour or two.


The rhythm of the game of Decay: The Mare is calm and brainy. The friends of the action will not be rewarded for their fondness for the fighting, since here, you will not handle any weapon nor will you have to deal with waves of zombies, monsters or bloodthirsty and infernal enemies. A seemingly evil entity follows your steps, yes, but nothing you can do against him.

Nor is it a survival horror to use, as you will not lose health and you will not have to ration your inventory. In it, you can save all the objects you find until it's time to use them. Only the coins will be relegated to a corner of the inventory, fulfilling the role of typical collectible that serves only to unlock the respective achievement. The rest, as i said, will play a particular role in opening doors, accessing hidden rooms or solving puzzles.

The latter are not too abundant but fulfill their role of bringing some challenge to the game, because if you don't solve them, you will not be able to move forward. The good thing about the game is that it doesn't have a system of clues, and although some are insultingly easy, others are diametrically infernal, like the labyrinth of the first chapter, which may lead you to consider the option of throwing the controller out the window. You can only pass the game, if you are tenacious and make good use of your wits.

Before proceeding to the next section, be careful when parking the game to resume later, as the game has no automatic save. If you don't save manually, when you put the game back you may find the nasty surprise that you have to start from the beginning. On the controls, at first you may feel disoriented by the way the protagonist moves around the environment, but will soon dominate them in a few minutes.

Graphics & Design

For everything you don't know, Decay: The Mare, was one of the most famous games of the program Xbox Live Indie Games. He saw the light a little more than four years ago in that platform, of which jumped to Steam receiving the same good critics. The mouth or mouth served to win an audience of terrifying experiences that so little proliferated at the time, and his success has led him to sneak into the Smerican store of our beloved Xbox One. First problem: what he does as he was conceived . Remember: it's an indie game almost five years ago. Nothing indicates that the game has not enjoyed a well-deserved facelift until it passes the menu and appears the first cinematic to a resolution of laughter and full of sawtooth reminiscent of those that preceded the action in the games of ago two generations

For the most part, in game doesn't improve either. Textures, contours and elements are horribly pixelated, which detracts from credibility and immersion in an industry in which scaring us is increasingly difficult. Yes, the game creates tension, has atmosphere, but only gets scared at certain times when the music becomes strident and something moves or falls unexpectedly. The rest of the time you tend to be calm, by moving through static frames in which you know that little or nothing will happen.

The sounds seem to have been extracted from the first Resident Evil, it's cool, but without having gone through the corresponding remastering that would help them not to sound canned. The music is a mere tone of elevator that accompanies our steps, with only a few moments of harmonic flourishes that, despite their simplicity and monotony, do manage to contribute their grain of sand to form around us a veiled halo of madness and bewilderment . However both the visual and the sound section deserved a revision and its corresponding clearance for the launch in the current generation, especially considering the great work that other independent studies are doing in an increasingly excellent and competitive market.


Decay: The Mare, can boast of creating an atmosphere of tension with very few resources, which is not easy today. However, you end up getting used to its rhythm and the panic effect happens to the few minutes of game, leaving it relegated to a discreet jump & scare decaffeinated with a technical section stuck in times past.

This new version doesn't offer any additional chapter, technical improvement or incentive that encourages you to buy it back to those who tried it on Xbox 360 or Steam, beyond the inclusion of it's cumulative 1000G after unlocking the achievements that have been included , without forgetting that he enjoys a story that seems out of the pen of the more twisted, David Lynch.


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