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Bulb Boy Review

Bulb Boy by Bulbware is a horror title, that offers an adventure with a very personal artistic style that will appeal to the vast majority. Do you want to know more about this adventure, where a small bulb head faces big monsters in the dark for saving his family? If the answer is yes, i invite you to continue reading!


One of the parts that i didn't like of the game, is it's short duration. Both, the ideas and his simple plot make him a very interesting game an artistic level, but it's true that i want to keep playing. Going slowly and assimilating the puzzles with tranquility, the duration didn't reach the two hours. Just after finishing the game, you return to the same room where you started the first time. There, if you look back in the drawer on the left, you can access a menu to replay at each level.


The form of game is quite simple, since you will not have much to do, except to walk and interact with some objects that you are finding around the house. The title is separated by small areas by which, you will have to go forward to complete it. On the way to save your grandfather and dog, you will discover a lot of monsters of the highest and most picturesque, and if you get too close to them or catch you, end your life between screaming and a blood red background.

That is why you will have to dodge or kill them, and for this, it's quite useful to know that the little Bulb Boy has the ability to unscrew his head, so it can be separated from the body, at least in some moments of the game. Generally the way to pass over the entities that come of your way, is to interact with objects and furniture that you see through the house, which are located within the same room. In fact, you have a small inventory to use the objects you find in others that may require their use.

Bulb Boy is an easy game, and most puzzles simply consist of finding and using objects to overcome enemies. There are a few sequences that require to react quickly to avoid environmental hazards and that on some occasions may cost you life, but the game is very generous when it comes to checkpoints and is constantly guarding the progress. The few times I found myself really stuck at the time of solving a puzzle ended up being because i had not found an item that was well hidden. However, even now the game is quite kind, since there is always a help option in the pause menu. Instead of simply solving the puzzle for me, that help menu provides with a visual clue.

I think that the low difficulty that Bulb Boy provides comes from the fact that it is completely composed of autonomous puzzles. As I mentioned a few lines above, each area works as a separate level, so each element you find should be used in that same area. Therefore, it's impossible for me to find long and elaborate puzzles, which i have seen in other titles with similar cut.

Grpahics & Design

Without a doubt, the presentation of Bulb Boy is it's most interesting aspect. The narrative of the game (including the dialogue) is said entirely without the use of words. Some sounds are heard by the characters, but little else. Something else i can add to this charming design choice, is that all of the characters you meet in the world of Bulb Boy are drawn in an elegant 2D art style. The most obvious comparison would be with something from Tim Burton, since the characters are creepy and cute at the same time. The art style is a perfect combination of Bulb Boy's world madness. Not only are there quite a few different creatures (each with it's unique style), but even the most banal aspects of the game universe seem to follow a strange inner logic.

Those small details add up when you create an atmosphere of convincing horror, although it's very unlikely that this game really scare you, nor make you feel surprised by typical moments of those that make us jump from the chair of fright. However, there is an uncomfortable feeling that is perpetuated throughout the game. The color palette helps a lot in this sense, because most of the time the world is totally green. The lighting of the game also plays an important role, as the house where Bulb Boy lives and his family has all sorts of dark places, and when you walk through them, things light up thanks to the child's head.


The uniqueness of Bulb Boy is outstanding, offering a very elegant and charismatic game that mixes the cute and the creepy in a creative way. While it is also true that you will not be in the shoes of this bright boy for too long, since completing the campaign will not take us more than 2 hours and there is nothing that prompts replayability, the vision of his world will make our minds for this title are worth it.


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