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Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure Review

The genre Point and click isn't the most famous or the most abundant in consoles. Certainly there are very few games of that style: passing from the wonderful Thimbleweed Park, backward compatibilities like the Monkey Island, and the one that occupies us today, to cite a few examples. If I am honest to you (speaking for me, as writer) I am not very fond of this type of games, to tell you the truth, I have played many, but i have only finished a couple of them ... And I must say that few time, I have regretted more than not playing a type of game that with this one. Why? Keep reading.


The game has lasted for about 9 hours without completing all the collectibles, which are in this case cookies and deaths, a duration more than correct for this type of genre, that should combine very well the duration of the game and don't end up getting heavy. I can assure you, that those hours have been flying always, waiting for the next nonsense that can be released by  Bjorn mouth and that makes it happen even faster, although in case you are experts in the genre, it's more than possible that, in about 7 hours you have finished. Of course, to get all the collectibles it's possible that you last about 12, in addition if you skip some, is more than probable that you have to do it, in a second round.


In the playable section, i find the typical point and click console, ie with the left joystick we move it to mouse mode, the button A to select the objects or interact with the characters in the game, the B button for the menu , The Y to launch the top menu and to see the missions, necessary objects for a certain part of the mission and the cookies that you have (then i arrive at that), with the LT accelerated the mouse, the X to highlight the objects of the room where, you find the crosshead to select the objects within the menu objects, and the right joystick that zooms in where the "mouse" goes so that we see everything in more detail and so, don't skip any object that is difficult to select.

In addition to that, i find different mini games that will greatly enliven the journey, from fishing to a dance game. The title has a help in case you get stuck, which are the aforementioned cookies, which when eating, the protagonist will have a moment of lucidity and will give you a clue of the next step that you have to take. In addition, it also challenges you, to complete the deaths of the protagonist, yes, as you read, in each episode you have several ways to die or reach the screen of Game Over and invites to take them all, for example? Make a photocopy of the ass at the police station for a bet and that without our protagonist is believed to throw a fart ... But this goes unintentionally accompanied by a gift ... And so up to a total of 68 screens that you can unlock.

Graphics & Design

As you can see in the images, the game has handmade designs, which give it a rather casual and personal character but, despite using this type of drawing, it's seen that it lacks a little more skill, although, it is almost certainly, the style wants to be so deliberately not to out of tune with the humor of the game, as i have said before.

Demetrios is developed under Gamemaker and the truth is that once again, how are shown how versatile this tool is when it comes to working with it.

Also in the scenarios there are small animations depending on which objects, such as floating balloons and others, also has animated sequences at the beginning and the end of each chapter that are shown as a comic.

The game has no voices at any time in history, although it's creator Breton Fabrice promised that arriving at a certain amount of investment in his kickstarter would end up including the voices. Although, he didn't get what he asked, he ended up getting the game on Xbox, so don't discard a future update include it. The music of the game goes quite unnoticed, although there are some catchy themes. Where more highlights the game is in the effects, in which you will find from a kiss to a vomit, passing through fart and other sounds soeces, that is the end of the end where grace resides. But despite not being highlighted in these sections, you can only take the hat off the immense work of this 33-year-old Frenchman who has worked the whole game without any help, nothing more than his ingenuity and his passion for graphic adventure Like Broken Sword, Discworld or the Hotel Dusk.


There are a maximum of 36 achievements in the game worth it 1000GS, with a difficult of low/medium. It has a relatively varied list of achievements, including typical collectibles such as "finding all cookies", discovering all Game Over of the game "and the typical achievements awarded by completing each chapter, in general, achieving the 36 achievements will take you around 6/8 hours


It's curious how when writing a text you realize that what you have not enjoyed while you play it, once reviewing it and resting it with calm is when we finally realize how wrong we can get to be, and that is a little more or less what has happened to me, when analyzing this game. And is that, if it is true that while you play there are details that you spend a little more unnoticed or details to which you give less importance, you know they are there for a reason. And it's only after finishing playing and finishing this analysis in which you finally see that the essence of those great classics of graphic adventure as Broken Sword are there, that those games that many times of fun have given many players lovers of good stories, better, worse, serious or funny, are embodied in this work that every dialogue, every word, that every situation is there for the love of it's creator to this genre.

Yes, the game has bugs, things like puzzles that are poorly explained. It's not a pixelart like Thimbleweed Park, although we insist that, it's not intended, nor is it possible that it is the ultimate graphic adventure or the most original. What this game wants and achieves, besides we spend a good time, that we laugh with Bjorn, that we unveil the mystery of the tablets that we know who was Demetrios ... we learn that things on the ground are not eaten or because it's not good to stick your fingers in a plug. But, above all, what it pretends is that we understand why this genre, although it has passed bad moments, continues in the mouth of all, either on the part of Telltale, Ron Gilbert or, from now on, Breton Fabrice. Because, as they say in music, old rocker never dies.


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