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>observer_ Review

When it comes to betting on the genre of terror in video games, it's usually used visceral, visible and unpleasant, when creating impact on the player. A pool of blood, a sound that comes from the unknown and a contextual scream that sounds on the horizon, beyond the stage, are the basic ingredients. The developer Bloober Team, knew to bet by it's own vision of the terror with the victorian, Layers of Fear, that was carved his gap between the fans of the sort when it was launched a year ago and later received it's contents downloadable.

Now, months after that, the creative team of that proposal goes one step further with >observer_, a new development of the polish study that changes the gloomy halls of that mansion by a decrepit and lost futuristic dystopian society where the narrative has a weight even greater. This company located in Krakow now gives us the opportunity to enter a police investigation of the hand of the agent Daniel Lazarski, a police with technological increases installed in his body.


>observer_ will have you trapped for four or five hours depending on the form of game that you have, if you are the one who wants to find all the collectibles of the game or discover every secret that hides the game, maybe the life time is extended a few hours.


You are in the year 2084, in a Polish city recreated with the Unreal Engine 4 graphic engine and the science fiction ingredients of the seventies, eighties and nineties, with monochrome tube monitors crowning the rooms of the residents of this apartment building decrepit orders plagued by drug addicts, virtual reality and commit several crimes. Your only mission as an observer, a name given to our unit by it's unusual abilities, is to discover why there has been a murder and what your son's call has to do in all this mess.

Observer is a classic adventure in it's approach, a game of terror that bets on a strong narrative forged around a brief, but very well turned, dystopian society. What you are going to see, hear and feel within the apartment block will help us understand what this universe is all about, how it has reached this point and what the gigantic company Chiron, lady and lady of Poland has to do throughout of process. Lazarski will extract the information by talking to the real estate tenants through their futuristic doors.

You rarely meet a live face-to-face character (except for a few exceptions), an aspect that still gives a more sinister touch to the adventure. Soon afterwards you will discover the first crime that happened in the block, and you will have to deploy the main skill, which allows you to "infiltrate" in the dreams of the dead through the technology implanted in their brains. With this practice, you will enter into a diffuse reverie where the protagonist will have to advance through fragmented memories to recreate the facts of death and get clues.

The increases of Lazarski will allow him to live an alternative reality synchronizing his brain with the one of the victim, to know the truth. His body, weak and inexperienced, will end up suffering the consequences of these connections and remembering the past as well as the lives of the deceased. In these dreams is where Observer gives the best of the visual with scenarios that are fragmented, broken and torn in a dreamlike way in a narrative where nothing and everything can be real, and where the clue that you will get in the end, will be the only one end to make this path that will exhaust the character.

As a police investigator, Lazarski has special abilities driven by his technological gains. To advance in the scenarios, you will have electromagnetic, biological and infrared vision. Each of these abilities will allow you to analyze the scenarios in search of clues and elements with which to interact, but not at zero cost: the protagonist will have to inject some special capsules that are collected by the scenarios so, as not to lose the synchrony. Of course, it's not a demanding mechanic: you will hardly be without this enhancer necessary to advance.

The playable structure of Observer is straightforward: you advance by discovering clues that you obtain by carefully reviewing the scenarios and developing the linear plot. On the way, you will encounter some minor puzzles and not at all difficult, as you just have to look with some attention for the scenarios to find the key that opens the lock or the track that leads you, to investigate another apartment. Apart from this linearity, the work of Bloober Team to create from scratch it's universe is remarkable. All the elements you see on the stage, tell you something directly or indirectly about the universe.

Graphics & Design

As for the audiovisual, it has a fantastic visual level, with very well achieved and detailed scenarios, an audio that perfectly accompanies the game, is not outstanding but fulfills its function


>observer_ may not be the ultimate horror adventure, but it's one of the most interesting games that have been released in recent months in it's genre. The strength of Bloober Team is to create a consistent narrative, solid and able to tell a story without giving trips to incomprehensible paths. Within it's playable standards, the artistic design of the levels and everything surrounding this proposal of the polish study are at a remarkable level. Observer will have us trapped for four or five hours with a science fiction plot with a solid visual section to which few hits can be put.


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