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Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review

When it comes to insulting, language makes it easy for us, with a few combinations of words and disqualification, to blush our opponent. The insult is language in it's most democratic state, we can all do it, but only a few can master it. Easy to play, hard to master, they would say. And is that the great masters of insult have gone down in history because of the elaborate of their affronts against their opponents.

Like Joan Croawford and his endearing feud with Bette Davis, or our dear Guybrush Threepwood able to glue the glue. One could not therefore expect a simulator to crystallize this dialectical art to turn it into a simulator where English gentlemen came to good and who drink a lot of tea face each other to see who says it fatter. Oh, sir ... The Insult Simulator.


Oh, sir ... The insult simulator, has several game modes. From single confrontations with the characters unlocked or a tournament mode where you will have to overcome different rivals through five phases, the final boss being God himself. As it would not be funny to have a video game of insults where you only dedicate to get the colors to the CPU, has also incorporated a multiplayer mode for online or cooperative local.

I have to say that the tournament managed to pass me in a very short time, barely half an hour, and then there the endurance of each to repeat again and again the individual clashes. I guess the appeal will be in the multiplayer, but still, you probably end up getting tired fast.


First of all, i must note that Oh, Sir ... The Insult Simulator has arrived in scrupulous British English. There is no dubbing or subtitling, and it should be said that the use of language is the main asset of the game, so those not versed in the Queen's language, i urge you to leave this analysis and dedicate your time to something more useful. Now, if you just have your monocle out and there's someone at home urging you to go have tea, this is your place.

From the first moment, you will have a simple tutorial where you will explain the basic guidelines to start with the chain of insults. It's essential to perform this exercise before entering into matters with tournaments and solo encounters.

Well, when you face your opponent, we'll see how the two players stand on each side of the screen. In the center, there will be a box of text so you can start assembling the insults. Phrases such as "You ...", "Your mother" or "Your husband" are the ideal kick-off, to put a few examples. From there, and with other connectors and phrases such as: "still uses Windows Vista" or "farted on a smelly dog" you must give the most perfect and insulting insult to the opponent. It's important to learn the weaknesses of each character. There will be some who hate that they mess with their style, others dread of death or if you are Lovecraft will give you a insult every time you drag them to reality.

The game is quite rancid as far as insult subjects are concerned. Most are usually your mother, your grandmother, your wife, as well as other members of the family (mostly female), but later it becomes more elaborate. The number of combinations is also quite limited and after several rounds you have already seen almost everything the game has to offer. There are characters who have their own line of insults, such as Lovecraft, which you miss out on casting Chtulu's curse on you.

The game basically consists of putting together these insults and throwing them at the opponent, who has a life bar, just like you. The longer and more elaborate, the more points you get. If, in addition, in the insult you include some of the weaknesses of the character, you will make a bonus. Special care must be taken with the grammar, because to make a mistake, you will have a bonus.

Graphics & Design

A game that could move with a Windows XP without messing. A title taken from another millennium that notes the few resources that have had their creators to give life. Not that he needs anything else.

Yes, the technical section of Oh, Sir, is austere, almost pauperish, but more than meets your character design, the sea is varied and grotesque, including some faces known as H.P Lovecraft, among others illustrious. The scenarios are the sea of ​​singles: a bird store, a train car or the very doors of San Pedro will be the backgrounds where you will release the string of verbal sticks against your opponents.


More than an insult, an anecdote. A video game whose space seems more aimed at mobiles or portable consoles than our Xbox One. A fast format, short plays, which rewards interaction with others rather than the game's own artificial intelligence.

It's far from the hilarious combinations proposed by Ron Gilbert on Monkey Island, and it's supposed complexity ends in boredom and weariness after a few hours. He approves because he doesn't want to be anything more than that, an insult simulator, but he falls short of bad breath and possibilities.


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