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Conga Master Review

A wedding without conga isn't a wedding. And if you need to practice, nothing better than Conga Master. Well, perhaps this independent game of the Spanish study, Undercoders, isn't the best dance school in the world, but of course it's one of those surprise indies that leave a better impression than you expected.


Perhaps one of the main problems that I found in the game, is it's duration, since it only has 7 levels in which you can easily spend a few hours, perhaps what prolongs the life of the game, is to learn to perfection the concept of the game, since you can easily lose, and to learn the mechanics, it takes quite some time.


The concept of Conga Master is almost as simple as the steps of this rhythm, that basically consists of forming a dancers queue. His cheerful and very technical tone made it a success in the dance halls and more relaxed celebrations, especially when the alcohol is already beginning to take effect. In Conga Master the idea is this: to attract people to form a line of party people to unlock a new scenario. Easy? Don't believe that. Funny? Of course.

The story mode, invites us to select a character from among several - there are about 30 in total, with many to unlock that are a nod to popular culture, with slight nuances in appearance, speed, spin, distance and power of attraction. These values ​​tell you, how well our wobble will run on the track, where other people are dancing solo.

The control can't be more direct: left and right. The protagonist advances incessantly and you are controlling his direction to pass close to the people until his meter is filled -a few seconds-, at which point they will become part of the queue. You can recall a bit about the mythical Snake, a title from the 70's that became very popular in the last decade for it's inclusion in Nokia phones, but there are differences. In this case you can cross the line without fear, which for the snake was lethal, and foresight comes through time.

The Momentum bar is all in Conga Master. It's something like an indicator of our rhythm, and while it's active, you have the energy to keep dancing. If it reaches zero, the game ends. This Momentum descends continuously and the way to recover it, is adding characters, and even better, to get combos that add to several members at the same time.

To achieve these multipliers, of course, it's best to look for nearby groups and thus affect three or more dancers, something that will practically fill the bar. The placement of characters have proven that is different in each game, so you need to pay attention to your position and find the best strategy. A wide row creates a snowball effect, because it will affect other people for longer.

The tracks are not free of threats. There are banana peels or cleansers that scrub the floor, causing a slip for a small distance. The danger is that, it's not advisable to collide with people, because it resets their interest in joining the conga. It's best to zigzag and avoid waiters or staff that hinders the fun. And it prevents the pigs from joining!

The mechanics are simple and in a good way, a bit silly. It has seemed to me, one of the most addictive indie games of the last months, and also has the right point of difficulty, neither too easy nor too difficult. It's arcade gameplay to repeat getting better records in each of the seven rooms with themed decoration.

Graphics & Design

Graphically is what you can see in the images, the game and the developers bets on a low definition sprites. Highlights in the catchy soundtrack, which we feared would focus solely on Caribbean rhythms, but it turns out that there are also other styles that recreate the environments, from a nightclub to bowling or party in a gym.


The game has a total of 41 achievements with a score of 1000GS, with a medium/high difficulty, has a varied list of achievements, but one of them, which is the last achievement of the game for most of the players, is for unlock all the characters, it's about luck and nothing else, drawing that achievement, the list goes from performing combos, having 101 people in the conga, etc.


Conga Master offers a direct and fun gameplay especially if, it's enjoyed together with friends, since it raises the fun exponentially. If you think to play it alone, i warn you that it's not a title that much of itself. So, if you want a game to spend good time in company but that isn't very elaborate do not hesitate and get to him since the laughter is insured.


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