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Thumper Review

In recent years, and with the inclusion of Virtual Reality, it seems that such games have found an ally in musicality, giving great titles like Fez or the resurrected Polybus. Also in this current is comprised Thumper, developed by the study DROOL, composed by two Americans, a musician and a programmer, who have allied to give us the music video game darker and purely lovecraftian that we will see in our consoles. Enter into the madness!


Thumper has two game modes: "Play" and "Play +". In order to unlock the + mode, you must first try the "Play" mode, which would be something like the campaign of the game. As i said, it consists of 8 levels, with different sub-levels, which are usually around a dozen. The + mode only adds the levels but with the added difficulty that when you die, you should start over.

In the campaign mode, you can die every time you want to always restart in the last point, instead, + mode is competitive online too, so will count the score to compare them with your friends and the overall ranking. There are three types of notes: C, B and S. These will be achieved if you can activate the greatest number of beams without suffering damage or die trying. At the end of each level an average is made with the notes of all sub-levels, the S being the most coveted because it will activate an achievement of the game.


One of the aspects that I was most pleasantly surprised by Thumper is his addictive gameplay. I don't usually like music video games but, i've been stuck to the controls for more time than I thought possible, and that's thanks to a fantastic levels design and a learning curve that challenges the player without getting overwhelmed. Let's go in parts. Thumper is divided by levels, eight to be more exact, which in turn are divided by a score of sub-levels that you will play continuously once you access them.

When you are planted in the infinite lane that you must travel with the beetle, you will go through phases that always repeat their patterns. The goal is to hit the A when you go over blue lights. The more you get, the higher score in that stretch, or sub-level. Of course, there will be obstacles and metal walls that will crumble wildly to the protagonist, so you have to be careful to always press the right key at the right time. You will only have two opportunities before being annihilated by the level.

As i said, the sub-levels are divided by sections, once completed each section you will automatically access the next. At all levels you will find two bosses, one in the middle and one in the end. In these sections of the level, must be especially scrupulous in hitting each and every one of the beams of light, which will change from blue to green. If you fail, you must start again without exception. One of Thumper's geniuses is how he introduces the retry. You almost don't realize that you've died because you've already started to shoot automatically. The loading screen is virtually non-existent, and the sound of the music is not interrupted, so the desire to re-launch the music is reinforced and make it terribly addictive.

The learning curve is also another of it's great virtues, and is that little by little the game will introduce elements that later mix by increasing the speed and the number of obstacles on the screen. This exercise, which is logical and natural in this type of games, often doesn't apply with all the necessary mischief, making the peaks of difficulty are exasperatingly unequal. This isn't the case with Thumper, where everything flows in demonic harmony with our jumping beetle.

Graphics & Design

You don't need great graphics to run good ideas. In Thumper, you will be placed in the exoskeleton of a beetle doomed to slide through an infinite rail that takes you along the paths of the madness of the primordial cosmos. It seems that Thumper has only been able to devise a madman, able to imagine geometric forms as disturbing as insane that end in a reiterating final enemy whose form is a burning head that claims to destroy us. The dark background, contrasted with the neon lights in blue, red and green, are enough to build the seemingly austere atmosphere of Thumper, who unfolds all his visual potential as our scandals become more complicated and vertiginous.

The fluidity with which your insect friend will run is amazing, offering a necessary 60 FPS fluids and no falls, essential for a video game that is based on the speed and precision of the movements. All the visual background will be completing with an increasingly rich underworld as you advance through the eight levels that you present. If in the first the predominant will be the black, in an ascension increasing to the hells of Thumper, you will face forms inspired by the nature that are combined with other more abstract and strange


Thumper is a descent to the hells of the madness of the rhythmic videogames, a more than laudable proposal if we consider that it has been developed by two people, to the height of titles already of cult like Fez or Polybus. His insane gameplay will make you not get off the controls, as if a demonic force drags you to continue without stopping, until you lose your sanity and suffer epilepsy. Highly recommended for all arcade lover, music and bizarre and dark proposals.


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