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Mr. Shifty Review

Mr. Shifty is a game in aerial perspective, following the wake of the well-known Hotline Miami, although the comparisons are odious, and more with the title of Dennaton Games. The main character has the ability to teleport as if Goku was, to dodge enemy bullets or just move behind the enemy to destroy it with a super punch.

Our mission is to win the access in a building, destroy and overcome all kinds of tests, whether enemies with shotguns, flamethrowers, machine guns, lasers, rockets ... plant to plant of the building we will find new challenges each more difficult, until catching the enemy of the game, Dr.Stone. It's teleportation that makes Mr. Shifty unique and gives him that personality that moves him away from the already named Hotline Miami. Apart from this great power, we have the bullet time, which will be charged by punching, and will activate when we dodge a bullet at the last moment.


The game has a classic structure, screen pass, and each time the challenge will be greater. There are a total of 18 floors in the Dr. Stone building, which correspond to the 18 chapters of the game. In Mr Shifty, you can complete it in 5-6 hours, 4 hours if you hurry a lot, it's not an easy game, but neither is an excessively difficult game. There will be times when you will have to repeat and repeat sections, and make the right decision at every moment so that, you don't die again.


Although the power of Shifty, the teleportation makes you have an advantage over enemies, it's not an easy game. It doesn't reach the levels of difficulty of hotline Miami, but sometimes, you will get desperate, especially in cameras, where the powers of the protagonist are annulled. And friends, with a punch or a bullet, we're already dead. This gives some realism to the game, and makes you aware of each moment. A part that you found very funny, is the different ways you have to eliminate enemies, since there is friendly fire between them, and if it's true, that enemy AI is rather poor, you can kill all enemies of a level without needing to release a punch, is a challenge, but if you prefer, you can go straight and kill without stopping.

Halfway through the game there is a change of trend, fights make way for endurance puzzles that require a lot of time and infinite patience. There will be laser machines that we should avoid them, but you want to die as well as turrets loaded with machine guns and rockets, which you must deal with ingeniously, since your fists will not serve anything. The game in each mission becomes more demanding and the feeling of kills is great, in contrast to the frustration to die, which increases considerably

Apart from the fists, you can collect objects that fall on the scene, be they sticks, tridents or statues. You can also return certain weapons to enemies when they are thrown at you, shoot enemies in the void or shred them with a kick to the door. The ways of killing are quite funny.

Graphics & Design

The Team Shifty game clearly differentiates itself from Hotline Miami by the graphic style. In the case of Mr. Shitfy, stands out for a futuristic time of those films of the eighties and nineties as Final Challenge by Arnold Schwarzenegger, graphically very colorful and defined, very beautiful in sight.

Aesthetically Mr. Shifty is beautiful. With bright colors reminiscent of the eighties with comic air that favors him greatly When the protagonist enters bullet time mode, the saturation of all colors increases greatly, further increasing the atmosphere of watching a comic super heroes.

The big problem of the game are performance problems, more specifically, the alarming drop of framerate when there are many enemies on the screen, clearly damaging the player experience, can't be allowed on a console like Xbox One. I know that not only is a Microsoft console problem but, it's something that worries, if you are talking that stands out in everything else.


There are a maximum of 14 Mr. Shifty achievements worth 1000GS, and in this case, we have a list with the typical achievements of "completing level x" but personally, I don't see so much difficulty to the achievements, the only thing i see, that has a raised or high difficulty, is the achievement of "Completing all the levels without dying", which can take us longer than we think, but it's not impossible, in about 9 hours, you can get your 1000GS.


Mr. Shifty has a fast and fresh gameplay, has really brilliant moments, where our ingenuity will be key to solve levels, but sometimes falls into the mechanics of the kills, being repetitive, completely changing in the second half of the game, Where ingenuity takes center stage. It doesn't have a high difficulty like Hotline Miami, so it can attract public who prefers a game within the not so demanding genre, without being Mr. Shifty an easy game.

The big problem of the game, are the unexplained and frightening falls of framerate in Xbox One, that hinder the experience of the game, especially when there are many enemies on screen. However, it's an inconvenience easily fixable with a patch, in case someone reads this analysis some time later.


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