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Iron Crypticle Review

The genre of arcade action is in great shape, and in recent years we have enjoyed real gems like The Binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon, which have revitalized a somewhat removed genre in the last decade. This is due in large part to the rise of retro trends in the world of video games, which emerge in the form of video games that, somehow or other, honor those titles that offered so many hours of entertainment in the recreational.


This title can give us a good amount of hours, due to it's story and difficult story mode, and once completed, we will have the option of "new game+", a new challenge with more enemies, weapons and monsters and bosses to annihilate, but going to the point, the game can offer us about 6 hours of game for the story, and if you have a friend to play, depends on the fun of each one.


The structure of the game is very conservative; You must overcome different levels formed by numerous rooms, each with different designs and enemies. The objective will be to advance in a same game for the different stays until arriving at the room of the final boss of each one of the levels, since when defeating it, you will obtain the corresponding relic. This way, you can choose the way forward, opening up a wide range of exploration options.

The rooms can be of various types and settings. There are rooms that are simply combat arenas, while in others, you can access bonus levels or stores where you can buy items and power-ups. It should be mentioned that these bonus rooms are levels of platforms in side scroll very simple, but that serve to give a little variety to the development of the title.

Regarding the gameplay, you are facing a very conservative title, with effective mechanics but already well-rounded in action arcade. The character must deal with a large number of enemies firing different projectiles, from axes to shurikens or spears. The first ones will be the basic attack, while the rest will be collected as skills on stage. Along with these, you will also find the typical time, health or damage enhancers. The movements of the character are limited to shooting, walking, a dash and a special movement that allows to finish with several enemies in a certain radius.

Of course, Iron Crypticle is really difficult. As you would expect from a game of the genre, each game is unique and dying means starting again from scratch.
My recommendation is that you play with colleagues, since the title counts on a local cooperative multiplayer to four players. In addition to brightening the challenge of progressing without dying, the game feels great this way, being much more enjoyable than playing it individually.

In this aspect is undoubted the reminiscences of recreational game of the title, since it's very easy to bite you to overcome ratings, explore the rooms or beat the final boss of the last level.
Soon you will have access to a new game mode, which consists of a typical survival in which to survive waves of enemies. It's an entertaining way that slightly lengthens the life of the game.

Graphics & Design

The design of the scenarios and the attack routines of the enemies are also nothing out of the world but, again, work properly. The final bosses may seem a little more interesting in this respect, but do not expect a waste of originality and creativity.

The sound, accompanies very well throughout the game, and also helps inside the dungeons, if the music is over, small demons will appear on the scene trying to kill you, adding another small 
challenge to the game.


Iron Crypticle offers a total of 38 achievements with a general score of 1000 GS, with a medium/high difficulty, i found the typical achievements that can be in a game of this style, such as killing a boss without receiving damage or to complete a room without receiving damage, besides that, you will have a lot of achievements that will be related to defeating the different bosses that the game offers, but the game contains a very varied list of achievements that gives slightly more life to the game


Iron Crypticle appears to be too similar -and inferior- to gender references today. However, it's no longer fun because, especially in company, this title can provide you with a few hours of fun and challenge. There is also a lack of inspiration in the design - artistic and structural - of scenarios and enemies, and in general the game fails to risk what is just and necessary. Fulfilling its mission, it's limited to follow in a lagging behind the line drawn by the classics of yesteryear and the successes of today.


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