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Marvel Heroes Omega Review

Dr. Death is back on track. It has been done with the Cosmic Cube and you don't have to be very clever to know that he don't plan anything good. As usual, the most representative heroes of Marvel meet in Mavel Heroes Omega. Together, they will have to protect Earth and humanity from the dark plans of the monarch of Latveria. But Death will not be alone, in his crusade for global conquest, he will be accompanied by the most dangerous villains that the popular comic book factory has created throughout his career. In this way Grim Reaper, Ultron, Green Goblin or Dr. Octopus, among many others, will stand in our way, as well as well-known corporations antagonistic to Sgield, Ima, The Hand or Hydra, which put to the service of Death their Armies, as a prelude to the final boss of each level of this great free-to-play, now in consoles.


We will have 9 episodes, with their respective chapters and secondary missions (totally random and optional), in addition to the initial prologue, which acts as a tutorial to learn basic movements. Each chapter is unlimited replayable, which is quite useful for farming. You also have challenges consisting of replaying certain levels (previously completed or not), obtaining greater rewards than in story mode, and being able to choose the degree of difficulty (as long, as you have reached level 60). To make matters worse, if you collect discs of simulations, you can load them into the Danger Room in the basement of the mansion of the X-Men.

All this gives a duration that, as always, also depends on the skill at the controls of each player, but that can be around 20 hours to finish the main story. You can also add new types of enhancers and jewelry of the infinite once reached that maximum level, in addition to creating synergies between the current and any other of your favorite superheroes. What you should be clear is that, if the game is good for you and you encourage to squeeze it to the maximum, you have tons of hours of fun guaranteed.


Marvel Heroes Omega is a delight at this point, for what i going to walk around with. The learning chute flows naturally, without creating that barrier that forms the barrage of menus and the rain of options available in traditional mass games and that perpetuate the incursion into action, but they are integrated in it's right measure and very intuitive way. In this way, the neophytes of these lids will find in this game the perfect take-off platform to get into this world. However, players experienced in the MMO will find it too superficial and miss basic details like the option to create your own character, assigning points to the different ranges of characteristics of attack, defense, etc., as well as more extensive menus in which can be recreated without contemplation.

You should also applaud that payment options are restricted to skins and packages of raw materials or enhancers. So, you can enjoy the whole game without spending even a dollar, although it's true that it will take longer to get objects of high value and power, as it will be more difficult to raise the level of vendors and scientists of the Tower of Avengers , Which offer lower prices and better rewards if you have them raised to level 10.

Finally, you can't close this section without stressing that Marvel Heroes Omega is surprisingly addictive despite what is linear at the narrative level and the simplicity and repetitiveness that result both secondary and major missions. You always get hooked on the controller for longer than you thought with any excuse, either because you are about to level up and you force yourself to play a little longer until you reach it, as you continue a little longer to finish this or that mission, that you have half or equal takes longer to disconnect because you want to visit the vendors or scientists to sell or donate collection. But not only that is addictive. It's simply that the game is fun in itself, and multiplies your degree of entertainment, if you play it in company, both online and screen split.

Graphics & Design

Marvel Heroes Omega takes advantage of the solvency of the Unreal Engine. At a visual level it could be considered almost like a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The camera angle, animations and modeling of the characters and elements remind, and much, of the franchise of Activision. Even the soundtrack seems composed by the same artistic team. The color palette is a little more vivid than those, but otherwise it seems that you are facing a numbered sequel. What changes radically are the cinematic, which in Marvel Heroes Omega are composed of a succession of still images instead of video sequences.

Leaving the comparisons aside, i consider that the developer team of Gazillion Entertainment has done a wonderful job on Marvel Heroes Omega, especially considering that it is a free-to-play game. All heroes will show the aspect that characterizes them in comics and even some of them have their cinematographic attire, available from the menu heroes, as long as you have acquired with the credits accumulated previously. The powers of each hero look like never before, becoming a festival of light and colors when more than one player attacks a group of enemies. A real shame that the final confrontations have not been worked a little more taking into account the good raw material that drives the development team, thus wasting the charisma and potential of the supervillains of the publishing house.

Although varied and always plagued by destructible elements and enemies, it's quite frequent (and annoying) that the character is hooked when passing on a box, chair, rock or whatever and spend a few valuable seconds immobilized. When this happens, the only escape route is to make a feint with button B, but since you can only do three in a row, if you had previously spent, you will have to wait for the indicator to refill. Not to mention that those who have very slow internet connections, will suffer jerks in the frame rate at times when more than three or four players on the screen. For my part, I have had the opportunity to test it with an ADSL connection of 7 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps up and with another fiber optic connection of 300 Mbps symmetrical, and with the latter, I noticed a lot of improvement with the game running more stable.


Marvel Heroes Omega reaches the consoles and does it maintaining everything that made it big on PC. Mix mechanical action RPG and MMO in a sweetened version suitable for all types of audiences, offering levels of stratospheric fun, especially in company. You can use the 40 playable characters, although i miss the presence of some heavyweights of Marvel as The Fantastic Four or characters as beloved and classic as NightCrawler.


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