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AereA Review

AereA is a colorful Action RPG that comes from the hands of Triangle Studios. It's a beautiful affair with a lot of music, in which your main mission will be to help the old Master Guido in his task of recovering the nine essential instruments, that reestablish the balance in Aezir. We speak of a musical tale that sins of simple in the majority of it's playable proposals, motive that quite tarnishes the final result of the title.


The game in spite of it's simplicity, can offer a considerable amount of hours, between the story mode and the few secondary missions that offers, you can enjoy around 8/9 hours of game, it's a very repetitive game and maybe you get bored in some moments.


AereA is an independent RPG action game in which, you will control one of the 4 chosen musicians. each of them, is presented to you, as a different class among which we will distinguish: the Knight of the Cello, the Magician of the Flute, the Gunman trumpeter and the Archer of the Harp. Each class, in theory, should represent a different way of facing the game ... But the reality is that you will have on the one hand three very similar classes (magician, gunman and archer) that will distinguish themselves in some of their abilities; And on the other hand, will remain the only melee character of the game, the knight. In this distribution of roles, you have detected the first negative aspect of the game, since although it's true that the three characters at a distance may seem different, what I find is a "copy-paste" rather anti-climatic that puts us in the position of choose the character only by it's appearance.

Once you have selected the hero, you will begin the adventure in the home of all good musicians, the Aezir Auditorium. There, you will receive a good training and you will be taught all the bases of Air. To advance, you must fulfill different missions (main and secondary) and thus improve the character. In the center of the Auditorium, you will find all the means that we should take advantage of during the adventure: the object and improvement store, the ticket vendor of zeppelin and, of course, the particular cricket, the parrot Cleff.

Many times in my life, I ​​have realized that everything is not gold that glitters, but this time i can say that the case of AereA is one of the most frustrating cases of how many titles have passed through my hands.

In contrast to all of the above, the title suffers one of the most glaring errors that a game can have today ... and the reality is that AereA isn't a fun game to play.

There is a very competitive market in the gamer world. Within each genre, the abundance of titles has resulted in many of the developers having to pull hair to offer something new to their proposal that sets them apart from other competitors. Many games rely on their aesthetic to make the leap, but it's true that with that is not enough. Each company must introduce its "touch" differentiator, something that playfully brings reasons that incite to bet on this product.

Graphics & Design

From the first moment, you will realize the weight of music in the game. Everything in Aerea exists for and for music. From the design of the characters to the stages, through the final bosses and many of the enemies. Everything that makes up this universe is a tribute to classical music dressed as Victorian era. The game has a very colorful and eye-catching 3D modeling, which although they do not shine so much as the character design, shines with its own light at each of the levels that make up the game.

Another plus point is his soundtrack. It is a BSO composed mostly of orchestral pieces. In this aspect i can say that AereA, perfectly fulfills, presenting really precious pieces for the great moments or to give a greater personality to each of it's scenarios. As far as the artistic section is concerned, the title shows details of great play in general. It seems that, except for an unexpected turn of events, this is a promising game. Also i have not reported bugs in excess, and in terms of performance, you are facing a title that shows quite polished.


The game offers us a total of 28 achievements with a score of 1000 GS. We will have at our disposal a very varied list of achievements ranging from 100 times a skill, buy all the skills of classes, to the maximum level, and of course, the typical achievements that as we advance in the campaign, come accompanied with achievements, in general, the difficulty of the achievements is low/medium, although some achievements, may take us too long and become a problem


In short, the title is a beautiful opera that presents a visual look really taken care of, and has a sound section that undoubtedly stands out as the great attraction. Despite all this, the game presents playable deficiencies that detract greatly from it's precious aspect. These shortcomings cripple the result of a title that surely could have been much more than it is.

AereA is the clear example of the concept of videogame that some developers have today. It's a simple and little worked product in it's background. It comes wrapped with a precious paper that fills affection in it's presentation and gives it a magnificent appearance. But if what we want is a video game that entertains us and allows us to enjoy our hours at the controls, it really doesn't contribute anything that 90% of the titles of it's kind have not contributed more and better. AereA is an Ode to music, but unfortunately a Elegy as video game.


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