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What Remains of Edith Finch Review

What remains of Edith Finch is the first videogame published by Annapurna Interactive, a producer and accustomed to give us good cinema with it's film division. Now, they have entered into the world of videogames, and how! What remains of Edith Finch is the quintessence of Walking Simulator, the summit of a genre often subject to a motion for being an interactive film. After the unfinished Swan, title that many consider prequel to Edith Finch, The giant sparrow is confirmed as one of the great indie studies of the moment, able to take a step beyond the narrative and lay the basis for a new leap within the genre . Don't miss it, it's one of the video games of the year.


I must claim short experiences in the world of video games. The duration should be eliminated as a weight factor when valuing a security, since it makes no sense to reward the replayability in case it exists or the number of hours to justify the investment of our money. But after all, what can you consider as something short? What is a long video game? I hope that someday these concepts will lose their meaning for us, and we will be able to see beyond the number of minutes the clock ticks when credit bills appear. That said, What Remains of Edith Finch has the right duration, for what he wants to tell us, there isn't enough left and nothing is missing, and that is what you should stay when it's light goes out. But our duty, right now, is to say that it's duration doesn't surpass that of a good movie, two hours, and that it has a new option to unlock the secrets that have been overlooked.


As I anticipated in the introduction, What Remains of Edith Finch is the quintessence of the Walking Simulator, the narrative summit of a genre that was already beginning to accuse of it's first ailments of repetition, something totally dynamited in the case that concerns us. Edith Finch constantly revolves around her generic expectations, but also uses them in her favor in a show of ingenuity and genius. You will not have to do much more than walk, look, absorb everything and everything you find your way. The controls are perfectly integrated as our appendices in the digital world, and attention has been paid to the concept right/left, so that the hemisphere of the command corresponds to the character, Edith Finch, from which you take his perspective in the first person.

Edith's goal is to return to the place where a large part of her family grew, to travel through her spaces, now abandoned to oblivion, ready for someone to give them enough attention to bring them back to life. Edith will speak to you, during this cathartic journey, and you will see his words impregnated in the screen of the most varied ways. Always the look will have to be looking in space what Edith wants us to see, wherever you want to go. And is that the level design is meticulously orchestrated so that this thread of thoughts that you are collecting, take you in a smooth and smooth way to the next room on the map. Through flashbacks, you will find out, how to open secret doors or who enabled paths in the past so that, you can walk them in the present.

What Remains of Edith Finch isn't a puzzle game, it does not require any skill other than knowing how to control a joystick and you will not find any trace of the classic challenges to which you are accustomed. All this is replaced by an enviable generic conscience that uses as few times have been seen the immersive language of the medium to induce us to a state of mind very difficult to reach in other arts. It's you who look, it's you who decide to go forward despite the devastating words of Edith, you must be witnesses in the first person of the death of each and every one of the characters, in short, you must be the protagonists of these deaths. Something that involves not a few moral dilemmas. Should you continue to swing on that swing knowing our tragic destiny? Should you lead the child to the window sill, even if you know that the fall awaits? You are the protagonist, also executioner, and above all, spectator.

Graphics & Design

If there is an aspect that characterizes the artistic section of What Remains of Edith Finch is an obsessive attention to details, they are specialists in constructing narratives from the places where the protagonists lives. The Giant Sparrow gets something that is often broken in video games, and is that these spaces feel so genuinely alive that you can believe that someone truly lived there. Helped by Edith and supported by context, you will unravel her memories, understanding who is who in the family tree of the Finch family, which will open before us as you ascend through the different levels of the family residence, an archaeologically impossible structure Which may well have come out of the mind of Tim Burton

Despite being located in a single location, the variation of scenarios is remarkable, and every time you find one of the obituaries of the inhabitants of the mansion, you will move to a flashback that will tell you,  the last moments of his life: from a baby in a bathtub that imagines it's own Swan Lake, to a girl who thinks she is a cat, a shark or a lovecraftian monster. All a waste of imagination bathed in different graphic styles among which would highlight the use of the subtitles printed on the screen. Because above all, What Remains of Edith Finch is a story, the most honest approach to death that has never incurred a video game, moving away from allegory, as journey already did, and entering full in the land of the mundane, With great doses of imagination, yes. Much has been compared to Big Fish for this taste shared by magical realism, you could also talk about the wonderful series of HBO, two meters underground, that used the deaths of their characters to mark the beginning of each and every one of the chapters.

In addition, the richness of it's visual resources is not content to remain in the graphic space reserved for the video game and constantly travels through techniques and styles outside the medium, such as literature or comics, but in Edith Finch are perfectly integrated into the interactive device . The same thing happens with the soundtrack, something quite unusual in the genre, where it's often used to modulate the dramatic moments, here perfectly balanced.

As for more technical aspects, everything flows amazingly well on the Xbox One, I have tried, 30 FPS without drops throughout the tour. A perfect optimization


The game offers a total of 10 achievements with a maximum score of 1000GS, with a low / medium difficulty, the game contains varied achievements in terms of game style, such as unlock or complete all family stories, finish the game Play, take a photo of a rabbit in one of the family stories, etc. Perfectly, you can complete all the achievements, in only one game, since it is a relatively short game and with a low achievement difficulty


The most honest approach to death that has ever been made in a video game. An unforgettable experience that will make you sink into the sofa of sheer sorrow. We are facing one of the milestones that will leave 2017, a milestone to the height of other great as Gone Home, that has gone a step further with an innovative and subversive use of the narratives, to which we have accustomed the genre. As if Six feet underground and Big Fish will be in the digital environment.

A brave proposal, human and sincere about the relationships we establish with our loved ones, with the spaces we inhabit and, above all, how to learn to coexist with the inevitable fact of our mortality. In a milieu where killing is the order of the day, where murder has become a mechanic more to advance the plots, to the point of trivializing death completely, never a video game had used the language in it's favor. In such a humane way. What Remains of Edith Finch is more than brilliant, it's necessary.


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