Wednesday, May 11

GunWorld 2 Preview

GunWorld 2 Developed by M07Games

The sequel no one asked for, to the game that nobody liked!

The Exaction Faction, an intergalactic team of super heroes, has declared GunWorld too dangerous for its own good, and come to arrest President Eagle. Dwayne, GunWorld's greatest GunMan, must come out of retirement to defend his way of life from the interloping heroes.

Explore GunWorld in this action/platformer/RPG hybrid. Fight to gain XP and gold. Level up, buy new equipment and gear, and conquer every corner of GunWorld.

Be sure to check out our Preview Video embedded above!

GunWorld 2 releases on the Xbox Store on May 13th for $7.99

For more information check out the official website:


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