Wednesday, May 4

Raiden V Preview and Game Play Video

Raiden V developed by Japanese developer Moss Co is an oldschool shmup game. Raiden V is a vertical scrolling type of Shooting game. The Raiden series originates from 1990 when it was published as the Arcade game. In Raiden V, you can join the war for Earth's future, where the tide of battle holds constant surprises, in this game that's easy to learn, but difficult to master. Raiden V uses the Xbox One cloud functionality that allows players to easily access their data also allowing you and your allies to enter the fray side-by-side with the games "Cheer System". Your in-game choices take you down various branching story paths and unlock different missions. There are 3 fighter ships to select from with varying degrees of shields, speed, and and weapons.

Raiden V releases on the Xbox Store in many territories on May 11th for the price of $49.99

Check out our preview and gameplay videos embedded above!

For more information on Raiden V, check out the official website!


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