Tuesday, May 24

Kick & Fennick Preview

Kick & Fennick, developed by Jaywalkers Interactive, is a platform adventure about a little boy with a very big gun. Soon after waking up in a desolate but colorful world, Kick meets a small flying robot named Fennick. When Fennick saves Kick from a menacing guard robot, they find out Fennick's battery is broken. Together, they embark on an adventure to the Core Tower to find Fennick a new energy core.

Besides shooting down enemy robots, Kick can make huge jumps by using his gun's powerful recoil. Jump and shoot your way through 45 levels of collapsed skyscrapers, treadmills, bouncypads, magnets, teleporters and that big guard robot who's never far behind!

Kick & Fennick features colorful 3d graphics, detailed animation, a cinematic camera system and smooth character movement and physics.

Be sure to check out our Preview Video embedded above!

Kick & Fennick launches on the Xbox Store on June 3rd

For more information on Kick & Fennick, visit the official website: http://jaywalkersinteractive.com/kick-fennick/


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