Friday, May 27

Neon Chrome Preview

Neon Chrome, developed by 10TonsLTD is a ruthless top-down cyberpunk shooter with rogue-like elements. The game takes place inside an arcology – a massive sci-fi mega structure. Every gaming session is different as large parts are randomly generated.

Blast your way through walls with guns and cybernetic abilities and try alternate approaches with different roles like the Hacker or the Cyber Psycho. Upgrade your persistent character stats, discover new cybernetic enhancements and build up strength to finally stop the Overseer. Every death is a new beginning – the path to stopping the Overseer is never the same. Neon Chrome was created by 10tons – the company behind the cult hit game Crimsonland.

Stop the Overseer in a cyberpunk top-down shooter
Install enhancements and upgrade your weapons
Shoot through walls, make rooms explode, and obliterate whole floors
Explore procedural levels with endless variety
Defeat the bosses in hand-crafted boss fights
Find and solve combat and puzzle challenges
Unlock new abilities, enhancements and weapons
Local co-op devastation for 2-4 players

For more information on Neon Chrome, visit the official website:


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