Wednesday, May 4

Mystery Castle Preview

Mystery Castle, developed by Runestone Games, is an adventure and puzzle game as you control Monty the Wizard as he seeks to vanquish the monsters who have wrought havoc in each of the magical castles. You will navigate through chambers flooded with lava in The Fortress Underground and skate over ice to dodge the golems residing in The Frozen Citadel. Make your way to the top of The Enchanted Tower by transforming into a bat, ogre or a toad. In The Mystical Pagoda you may possess the monsters within and use them to do your bidding, and finally travel to The Tomb of Fear and use the curious effects of the potions you find to help collect all of the magical skulls scattered around this gothic castle.

Mystery Castle Features:
-Over 180 challenging rooms with tough puzzles for the serious puzzle solver
-5 evil boss monsters that need to be outsmarted
-New gameplay and puzzle features in every castle
-Full HD graphics
-Hint system to help players progress further
-Humorous characters to meet, that teach you how to play the game

Check out our Preview Video embedded above

Mystery Castle will release on the Xbox Store on May 6th for the price of $9.99

For more about developer, check out their official website


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