Friday, April 1

SSX: Deadly Descents Details

EA Sports’ SSX: Deadly Descents was recently given details have now been released on the umpteenth installment in the popular snowboarding franchise, including the fact that the game is approximately 13 months away from completion.
Creative director for SSX: Deadly Descents, Todd Batty, told the world in the March 2011 issue of OXM some extra details regarding the forthcoming title. Courtesy of GNT, check out the game’s latest details below:
  • Campaign – where you tackle the 9 Deadly Descents, Explore, and Live Events. Live events is most likely going to be for online events.
  • Plot – You play as ‘Jack’ part of the SSX corporation to tackle the 9 deadliest mountains around the world. We will also see 3 returning characters from old titles, including Zoe Payne.
  • Rewind feature – This will enable you to rewind but there will be a penalty of some sort for using it.
  • 9 Peaks with around 200-300 Tracks/Paths
  • You can pick the track you wish to descent and pinpoint which path the helicopter drops you to start.
  • 9 inputs down to 2 – In older versions of SSX, you could pull a variety of moves with nearly every button on the game controller, now it seems all tricks and movements will be done with just the 2 thumb sticks, the left stick jumps and does spins; sweeping motions with the right stick do tricks.
Batty also told the magazine that SSX: Deadly Descents still has a ways to go until completion; a 13 month development time is expected for the game, so a 2012 release is more or less accurate.


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