Thursday, April 21

Xbox Live Network Gold Standard Quality

Here at Xbox Live Network, we are setting a new gold standard for the quality of  content available on our site. We are doing away with the run of the mill news articles and information you'll find on other sites. The only news you'll see here are "major" news related articles. We are striving to provide you with the most in-depth and XBLN exclusive material that we can. All information from now on will be purely based on information we have received and research for our articles. Some things like some gameplay videos and images are a thing we can't help but to obtain from a third party source, but for some things like our Gears of War 3 Beta footage is something we have provided exclusive to you guys before the public beta was released. We are looking to bring even more exclusive content than ever before. We have some new content such as our At The Movies Reviews and Entertaiment and our XBLN NFL Mock Draft. Please continue to stay tuned to Xbox Live Network and you will not be disappointed as we bring you more content than ever before.

-Deus Legend
XBLN Editor-in-Chief


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