Tuesday, April 5

Dragon Age 2 Review

Have you ever dreamed of being a hero in a medieval world solving conflicts between Mages and Templars. Well it does not matter because that is what you will be doing in Dragon Age 2. Made by Bioware the company that created Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and both Mass Effects, and anyone that loves role playing games would have high expectations for Dragon Age 2. This is my first review so, I will explain the game in two categories, story and game play. Story is the story of the game, visuals, sound, and anything that has to do with presentation, and game play pretty much describes its self.

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You play as Hawk, a man or woman who one day becomes the champion of Kirkwall. This is not your normal role playing game story that involves saving the world. In fact, most of the game I was wondering what did I do to become champion and when will it finally happen? Well you will find out 2/3s into the game, and I personally was disappointed. While the main story was average at best, the side missions were good, and the moral choices in the game. The choices aren't black and white and they make you wonder what really is the best choice to make. The voice acting was good, graphics were acceptable, but the cut scenes were boring compared to most role playing games. The characters in the game were mostly generic and uninteresting, with the exception of Isabela, who is the sex addicted female pirate and the type of girl that you slept with in high school or college if you were semi popular.


This is where Dragon Age 2 shows that when it comes to role playing games, you do not get more average than this. It uses a fighting system where you pause the game and choose an attack or have some pre-selected attacks assigned to buttons. There a unique part to the gameplay called tactics that allow you plan what moves your party members do in every possible situation. While tactics is a good idea, even some one with no life at all has better things to do than pre-plan fights. Most of the time you will be repeatedly pressing the A button seeing the same animations all the time.

At the end of the day it is an average role playing game, but is much worse when you compare it to Bioware's other games.



  1. Thanks for the review Stopable. I was actually thinking about buying this game at one time, but the story sounds like a disapointment.


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