Monday, April 4

MLB 2K11 Review

Welcome back to the Review with Blazen. It has been a long time since we have had a review but don’t worry, we are back and we are going to do the best we can to get many reviews out there.

Like I do with all my others I am going to give you a brief history about the game and here we go, 2K Sports studios was created in 2000 where there first games that they came out with was NBA 2K, NHL 2K and NFL 2K. And over the years, 2K Sports has been the little brother of EA sports since they have been around. 2K Sports released their first ever Baseball game in 2002, which was call World Series baseball 2K2. World Series Baseball was the name until 2004 when 2K Sports changed the name to ESPN MLB Baseball. Than that following year, the name was changed to what it is right now at Major League Baseball 2K

           So with that history in mind I am going to review what we thought of the game. MLB 2K11 has different modes like Franchise mode, My Player Mode, Quick play and of course online. Quick Play is simple you can either play on the same Xbox or you can go online to play someone. The online for the game is very frustrating because when you play someone there is a huge button delay.

In My Player Mode after you create your play you first start out in AA for what every team you pick. Which I think is dumb because, you should get drafted then work your way up. The difficulty to move up from AA to the MLB is super easy. If you are a fielder it is super boring because you bat and maybe once or twice you play the field. Than you have the franchise mode when you can take control of a single team and become World Series champs with them. This mode to me has been the most fun to play.

Now the Graphics in this game are not the great. Most of the players faces do not look anything like their real-life counterparts. The graphics for the stadiums to me are better and are really realistic. But the game play if you only play the franchise mode make sure you play it in all star for some reason the CPU plays awful on anything less.

· Fun
· Kills time
· Graphics in some place
· Online is frustrating at times
· Players face do not look like themselves
· My Player mode is boring
· CPU can be over aggressive


  1. I agree with your review Blazen. The player face models do look horible, but overall this game is a relaxing time-killer.


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