Tuesday, April 19

NCAA Football 2012 Sneak Peak

This video shows off some new team introductions as well as a sneak peak of some gameplay footage. It looks like they've added some new features to the opening of the games. You may notice that at 1:13 in the video, it shows the new 3D grass that they've brought back to this year's game.

This video focuses on the new lighting improvements that they've installed in this year's game. I didn't hear them mention anything about progressive lighting that occurs throughout the course of the game, but I'm sure this is a huge step towards that feature.

The above video from SportsGamerShow.com breaks down 25 new plays that will be added to this year's NCAA Football game. A lot of these plays look good on paper, but will they fit your scheme? I'm personally looking forward to the new Dime 3-3-6 play Dbl Loop 3.

And just revealed is the NCAA Football 12 cover, featuring Alabama RB Mark Ingram.

That's all the info we have for NCAA Football 12, we hope to have news about online dynasty and game play improvements. Stay tuned to XBLN for more news about your favorite Xbox 360 games!


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