Thursday, June 4

Xbox 360 to Stick Around Til 2015

The Xbox 360's recently unveiled motion control technology will help extend the console's life span into 2015, according to Microsoft executive Shane Kim.

Speaking frankly about the company's E3 showing in an interview with Venturebeat, Kim said 'We firmly believe that the Xbox 360 has a life cycle through 2015 (10 years after the launch). Project Natal is a great innovation. It will work with every Xbox 360 sold. It's not about pushing more pixels on the screen. It's about how to break down barriers that stop people from playing games.'

So impressive was Natal's debut that Kim believes it gave Microsoft the upper hand against its traditional rivals Sony and Nintendo. 'I think we won,' said Kim when asked how he rated the three company's E3 conferences. 'It's not just me saying that. It's pretty universal. We had something very special yesterday, starting with the games portfolio. We had a lot of content for a normal E3 briefing. But Project Natal doesn't come along every year, and it is very difficult to match.'

Kim also went on to reveal the origin of Natal's name, saying 'Natal is a city in Brazil, which is where one of our key development team members is from. Natal also means birth. We thought it was appropriate for what we are doing. This is the birth of the next-generation of home entertainment.'


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