Tuesday, June 9

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review

Notwithstanding its aforementioned flaws, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a super-solid golf game worthy of having the greatest player of all time on its box cover. Tiburon stepped it up for most of the areas of concern in last year’s game, and even added some surprise features that are sure to be franchise standards from TW 10, on into the next round of hardware. Unless you had real beef with TW 09’s core gameplay, pick up Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10—it’s tour-worthy, and worthy of a spot in your game collection.
The best golf game that an MS console has ever seen. Could still use a few engine tweak, however.
The courses look great, but a bit more fine-tuning of the character models is in order.
Crowd chants and dialog add to the tour excitement.
As long as the online tourneys keep coming, Tiger Woods 10 will have a lengthy shelf life.
Pushing the “always on” envelop.
Overall Score NOT an average


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