Tuesday, June 23

Fight Night Round 4 Review


IGN Ratings for Fight Night Round 4 (X360)
Rating Description
out of 10
8.5 Presentation
Everything in the game is highly stylized but very functional. Legacy Mode can be a bit overwhelming to navigate and the missing elements and inaccuracies are a bummer.
9.5 Graphics
The collision inaccuracy is very seldom. Everything looks spectacular in motion. Almost too good…
8.0 Sound
A good soundtrack fuels your menu activities while Teddy and Joe do a decent job ringside. Punches sound great, especially the headbutt.
9.0 Gameplay
There are missing portions and inaccuracies in the Legacy Mode, but people looking for the best pure boxing around needn’t look any further.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
The World Championship Mode is built to last, as is Legacy Mode. You can create up to 50 boxers at one time and share them with friends. The act of bloodying someone’s face never gets old.
(out of 10)

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