Monday, June 1

Burrning Halo 3

Welcome everyone to the new and improved web site this will be the first of many on our new website. To Start out I want to thank dues legend who did a great job on the web site. So for this burning I am going to burn man the web site…. Just joking why would I burn our own website. So, on a serious note in this post I will be burning one of the Xbox’s classic in Halo 3.

The reason why I am burring this game because this game sucks compared to all of the other shooter. Bungie brought the game out way to fast the graphics are really bad the game play is really bad. I mean come on who wants to play that game when the only thing people do is jump around like they are on the moon. The story mode is really lame also why would you want play as both people meaning I just want to play as master chief not as a alien. When playing online the ranking system is almost impossible to rank up you have to many games to rank up and you have to win which is kind of ok but if you lose more than 3 games you go down in rank plus to rank up you have to finish in the top 3 or 2. The maps are really bad they are way to big for a 5 on and the way people die is stupid like a shotgun can kill you right away but other guns take 2 clips to kill that person. No wonder why Microsoft left Bungie because it was supposed to be there best selling game but it tank bad. And I see that they made another one why would they make another one when we know its going to be bad like this on was. So since we are at a new website I am going to add a new future at the end of every burn I am going to rate every post and tell you if you should by the game, rent it or just don’t even think about the game its just that bad.

For Halo 3 I am going to give the game 2 out of 5 stars. Even though this game is bad I would say you can rent the game for 5 days and that would be it I want to thank everyone for taking the time for read this post if you have any comments please don’t hesitate to place a comment telling me what you think or even give me some games, companies, or people you would like me to burn


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