Wednesday, May 27

Finch's Trip to EA

  I'm here, for a post I've been wanting to do for awhile talk a little bit about a trip I took. Although it was only a day i learned a lot about the industry and as soon as my home-life situation gets a little better I will finally get a chance to pursue my job of working in the video game industry. My interest in games have slip a lot here lately with thinking of my family and things but I know as soon as that clears up I will be taking chances that have been giving to me.

     With that said, I have got a chance to see the early builds with other people to see games early and see how things will pan out. I cant speak on what I seen but i can post a couple of pics and when the time comes be able to release information.
     EA is just like a college with everything open with basketball courts, you name it it's there. More later(When the time right). Would be a dream job to have any position there but i will never say that they are lazy in any aspect of the job. Long days and even longer nights.
Side of Building
Guys taking notes


  1. cool trip Finch. I will visit EA myself one day.

  2. wow finch when you get the job don't forget us little people by getting us free stuff lol just joking


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