Monday, May 11

Burning: Bigboy

Hello people welcome back for this edition of burning with Blazenhawks today we are going to burn another person that we liked in the beginning but it turned out that it was a mistake to like this person.

When Jerhawk first recruited bigboy7867 he was quite and was a nice guy but man when you get to know him he becomes really violent and suicidal not joking about that. This guy is so messed up in the head it is crazy. In our first Madden 09 league he was no problem and he was going to be our new “p.o.o.p” but it all went down hill from there. He started to harassed people and made them leave the league when people came into the party he called them words that no person should hear anymore. He attacked people personally and an extent to where they wanted to harm bigboy. I think what pissed me off was that he sent me a message saying that he was suicidal just so he can get back in the league. What also I hated about him was that attitude that he was the better than every one else when really he was like us sitting at home playing a video game. The final straw with him was when he decided he was not supposed to be a the gm of our last league. Stopable was the Commish of the league and, we agreed if we're going to start a new league than he was not going to be the gm he was going to leave when he filled up the league when he did that he would not leave then he dissolved the league. So we made a new league and if anyone wants to join just leave your gamertag and we will find you. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this post and again do not play with bigboy7867.



  1. I liked Bigboy, and I wish him the best of luck in the future. Blazen, I'm not sure about burning these players we've played with. I think you should stick to burning games. Bigboy is a nice guy, but like all of us, Madden makes us a little upset and whatnot. He did take some things a bit too far, but I'm sure he's a great person.

  2. Jerhawk really knows how to pick em


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