Friday, May 8

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Online Tournaments

Live Tournaments are broken up into 3 unique tournament types:

•    Daily Tournaments – Similar to in years past these will be 24hr long tournaments that crown a new winner each day.   You’ll play your round and submit it to the tournament leaderboard.  At the end of the day, that tournament ends and a new one begins.  Within Daily’s there will be a number of different difficult levels to play.  Each difficulty level will have its own unique settings.

•    Weekly Tournaments – These will be tournaments that last all week long.  They will start on Sunday, for example, and players can compete all week long.  In Weekly’s you’ll submit four tournament rounds.  The player with the lowest total four round score will win that week’s weekly tournament.  Like in Daily’s there will be several difficulty levels to choose from, so you’re sure to find the right competition level for your golf game.

•    Play the Pros – This tournament type will allow you to compete each week directly against the pro golfer’s scores from that week’s professional golf tournament.  So, for example, when the game ships in June, you will be able to play against Tiger and the boys at the U.S. Open at Bethpage vs. their real life scores, at the course the tournament is being played at, with live weather and as the tournament is happening!  These tournaments will start on the Thursday of that week’s pro tournament and go through the weekend.  There will only be one difficulty setting for Play the Pros, since this tournament type is meant to be the ultimate golf test.  We’ve made sure to customize and tune the settings in Play the Pros tournaments to ensure your scores will be competitive against those of the real life pro golfers.  One other unique aspect to Play the Pros tournaments is that unlike Daily and Weekly Tournaments, here, you will only be competing against the pro golfer’s scores.  So there won’t be any other online gamers to contend with.


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