Wednesday, May 27

Site Name Change?

When Xbox Live Network began, some our most desired domain names were already taken and we settled with this one. Now that this domain name is set to expire in mid July, we would like to know if you(our viewers) would like us to explore a new domain name or stay with what we have for another year.

So far we have: 1 Vote 3 Votes

If you have any ideas or suggestions, leave us a comment!


  1. sounds cool. However it doesn't matter to me as I subscrive via RSS feeds! :)

  2. Just make sure you update your rss feed if we do change our name :)

  3. I suggest nothing comes up with that name, that way we can do PS3, Wii, and any kind of stuff we want to do. We can be a true "Network" of gamers. This site was first created to stand for a TV style network, but its kind of transformed into a network of gamers.

  4. Complete Gaming Network maybe?

  5. ultimate gaming


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